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ADCOM 2013 - Call for Papers

The Advanced Computing and Communications Society (ACCS) in association with the IEEE Computer Society announces the 19th annual International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications (ADCOM 2013) at Chennai during 21st -25th October 2013.

ACCS, a partner society of the IEEE Computer Society, is a registered scientific society in India founded to provide a forum to individuals, institutions and industry to promote and disseminate their innovative and pioneering work in Computing and Communications Sciences.

ADCOM, the flagship Systems Conference of the ACCS, is a major annual international meeting that attracts professionals from industry, academia and governments across the world. ADCOM is a very successful and a highly rated event that draws leading scientists and researchers in computational engineering.

ADCOM 2013 will focus on big data – analytics of large and complex data. With digitization of data huge corpora of data are available readily in a variety of settings – Governmental sources, Enterprises, Biology, Online Social Networks, Telecom networks and many other domains.

The urgent need to make sense of the burgeoning data is driving technological advances in a variety of areas. The most obvious is in the domain of data analytics, where there have been a slew of new models and methods proposed. From an industry perspective the marriage of Cloud and big data has spawned a whole new generation of products and startups. Another area where big data has had a significant impact is in storage technology forcing people to rethink traditional RDBMS models and move to more distributed storage models tailored for answering analytics related queries.

While there are many big data solutions out there, there are no clear winners yet. Increasingly there is the realization that challenges in large scale analytics does not lie only with size of the data but also in the complexity – data from diverse sources, multi-modal data, streaming data, inter-dependent data, and more. This conference will explore many aspects of big data analytics. For researchers and academics, there are several open areas ranging from storage to architecture to algorithms.

Domain experts present and debate the issues and policies affecting big data efforts and related technologies in this multi track meeting. ADCOM 2013 will also host several focus-group workshops in parallel. Champions and Thought leaders of the industry, government and academia will deliver keynote messages at this event and deliberate on technical and business matters related to but not limited to:

  • Large Scale Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Software architectures for big data analytics
  • Privacy and Trust considerations
  • Distributed data storage architectures
  • Analytics-as-a-Service with Open Standards
  • Architecture aware data analytics
  • Compute platforms for Analytics
  • Real application studies
  • Video/Image/Audio Analytics
  • Stream mining
  • Real-time analytics
  • Spatio-temporal data mining
  • Social media analytics
  • Information extraction from noisy text
  • Large scale network analytics

Important Dates:

  • Technical Papers sought by 26th June 2013
  • Acceptance communicated by 31st Aug 2013
  • Camera Ready copies due by 15th Sep 2013


Authors are encouraged to submit their papers using EasyChair ( ). All papers will be reviewed for technical content and scope by a technical program committee. All accepted and presented papers would be digitally archived through IEEE Xplore.

The page limits are SIX pages for the long paper track and THREE pages for the short paper track. Papers should be in PDF format, two columns, font size 10 or greater and compliant with IEEE manuscript guidelines.

Submitted papers must be unpublished and not currently under review for any other publication. Authors of accepted papers will need to sign an ACCS copyright release form and present their paper at the conference.

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