Tutorials at ADCOM 2017

Title: Introduction to Blockchains


Blockchain is a new disruptive technology for distributed consensus. It is expected to transform the way we do banking, contracts, manufacturing, etc. In this tutorial, we will discuss fundamentals of blockchains and how it works. Several use cases in financial services, trading, cross-country transactions, supply chain management, healthcare and Internet of Things will be presented.


Raj Jain is a Life Fellow of IEEE, a Fellow of ACM, A Fellow of AAAS, a winner of 2017 ACM SIGCOMM award, 2015 A. A. Michelson Award from Computer Measurement Group, CDAC-ACCS Foundation Award 2009, Distinguished Alumni award from Indian Institute of Science Alumni Association. Dr. Jain is currently a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. Previously, he was one of the Co-founders of Nayna Networks, Inc – a next generation telecommunications systems company in San Jose, CA. Further information is at http://www.cse.wustl.edu/~jain/

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