Originally convened as the Indian Transputers Group User meetings in the late eighties, ADCOM has evolved as the flagship event of the ACCS.ADCOM is a major international conference that attracts professionals from industry and academia across the world to share and disseminate their innovative and pioneering views on recent trends and development in computational sciences.

ADCOM was a traveling conference traversing the length and breadth of India and was administered by Institutes and Universities in the country by submitting a proposal to the ACCS. The winning proposer would then seek a corpus grant from ACCS to organize the event. The proposer would form the Technical Program Committee (TPC) for the conference and seek sponsorship from the industry to offset the expenses. Any surplus funds generated would be added to the society corpus. The proposer would ensure the quality of the conference.

However, the Executive Council (EC) of ACCS in its 2009 spring meeting decided that future ADCOMs would

  • be organized by a select committee appointed by the EC.
  • not be a traveling event and reside in Bangalore.

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