ACCS Design Challenge 2019-Call for Participation

The Advanced Computing and Communication Society (ACCS) announces the 6th annual ACCS Design Challenge (ADC 2019) at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB), Electronics City, Bangalore during 5th – 7th September 2019.

ACCS is a registered scientific society founded in 2001 to provide a forum to individuals, institutions and industry to encourage debate and promote Computing and Communication technologies. Headquartered in Bangalore, ACCS is widely recognized as a premier not-for-profit organization in India delivering a broad array of resources that advance professional development. ADC is co-located each year with ADCOM – the flagship event of ACCS.

ACCS administers the design challenge to provide engineering students opportunities for learning beyond curriculum and solve real-life challenges using state-of-the-art technologies.

ADC provides students with an opportunity to:

  1. Study current status and challenges in real world and identify opportunities for improvement
  2. Evolve innovative and cost effective solutions relevant and appropriate to the application environment
  3. Develop skills in System, HW, SW and in Design Engineering
  4. Understand Product Development Cycle and Project management in embedded systems
  5. Get to know potential employers through constant interactions over the duration of the challenge, possibly leading to internships and placements

Proposals for ADC 2019, in the prescribed format are invited in the areas of Healthcare, Energy Management, Smart Transportation Systems, IOT, Agriculture and Wearable technologies.  Designs should be centered on any 32bit or 64bit microcontroller boards, developed around industry standard platforms like Mbed, OpenSDA. Participants are encouraged to use free and open source software tools (FOSS).

Proposals must be received on or before 31 August 2019 and will be screened for their uniqueness of concept and innovation. Teams will be invited to present the What, Why and How of their project with the help of a demo, wherever possible and posters during 5th – 7th September, 2019 at Bangalore. Path-breaking innovative projects will advance to the next round to develop a working prototype. Top 10-15 teams will compete in the finals for awards / cash prizes and possible opportunities for internship and placements.  Click here for detailed Rules and Regulations of the challenge.  Participants must download and return an executed copy of the same with their proposal.

  1. Participants are required to register for ADC by paying a registration fee of Rs. 250/- per member.
  2. Register your team by clicking here.
  3. Please submit your proposals online at

Important Dates for ADC 2019:

  • Proposals must be received by 20 August 2019 31 August 2019
  • Presentations at IIIT Bangalore during  5 – 7 September 2019

For more information :

Email us at    or
Call us at +91 80 2630 7142 or +91 76249 57142

Write to us at:

Chairman, ADC 2019
Advanced Computing & Communication Society Gate #2, C. V. Raman Avenue
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India

10 Responses

  1. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2019 Participants

    Appreciate the spirit of ALL the teams and institutions who participated in ADC2019 selection process, by submitting their nominations. We admire your enthusiasm and wish you the VERY BEST in ALL your future endeavors.

    We gave value to the fact that this is the first stage of a creative journey, and took into account what efforts you have put in to expressing your idea, coming with a plan of realization and presenting a time line to accomplish it. With these in consideration, teams are shortlisted for presenting at ADCOM2019 and are communicated directly, through email.

    For ALL the shortlisted teams for this ADCOM2019 round the reviews are scheduled for – 5th -7th, 10AM – 4 PM

    As a selected team you are to present your idea – what it is, why it is (importance to the market), what it takes to do (HW, SW, Technical requirements), how it will be done (time line – between now and March 2020 beginning, with first version of the product being readied by December 2019 beginning)

    Please plan to have your presentation to be about 15 min (6 slides). As long as the above information is conveyed, there is no specific format to be adhered to, as long as you can convey what you want to in the given time. We keep the specific time slot to be flexible – to suite as much as possible to your convenience. You can bring your presentation directly to the venue (as it will give more time to you to keep improving!!)

    Will be of immense value if you can plan to be at the venue from 5th morning, attend the tutorials, conference (the theme 5G, the tutorials, the keynotes, the papers, the awards function – ALL should be highly useful for you).

    Please make your own travel and stay arrangements.

    Breakfast, lunch, high-tea (on 5th) and dinner (on 6th) are arranged for you at the venue!! Breakfast will be provided for ALL who come before 10AM on all the days

    And, importantly, will be of considerable long term benefit to you, if you come prepared to become ACCS member while you are here :
    Student Membership Fee: Rs. 250/=.
    Annual Membership (non students): Rs. 1000/=.
    Life Membership (for all): Rs. 5000/=

    Please feel free to contact us for anything, anytime.

    Look forward

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2019

  2. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2019 Team Members for the ADCOM2019 round…

    Trust you ALL have put in place the travel plans and accommodation plans. And, OF COURSE your presentation strategy and material getting in place!!

    * Urge you to utilize this opportunity, garner lasting value from, by attending ADCOM2019 – Keynotes, Award function, papers; Tutorials. Related to 5G, and hence will be of considerable value with these rare and high quality collection of talks and programs

    * Hence, we kept the program for ADC2019 flexible – to facilitate you planning your time at the event to gain the most from it

    * The host is IIITB, Bangalore, Electroncis City Phase 1 (Off Infosys main building), Bangalore

    * For all those who come by air – there is a DIRECT BUS to Electronics city from Airport

    * For all those who come by train – there are direct buses from Main bus statiob to electronics city

    * You are requested (required) to chose your own accommodation – there are a fair number of such near to, in and around, Electronics City. One such we refer here is Uni World:

    Uniworld Apartments, 16th Cross Road, Near Karnataka Bank, Neeladri Nagar, Electronics City Phase 1, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

    Tel: 99000 18541/42


    Look forward to hosting you

    Warm Wishes

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2019

  3. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2019 Teams selected for the ADCOM2019 Presenation Round..

    Request you to make note of the following

    * ACCOMMODATIONS – Is YOUR (Particiapting Teams’) responsibility. We provided one likely option, but you can chose any other too

    * PRESENTATION SLOT – We kept the program flexible, to suite you the BEST. Please show up at the venue, register your participation and convey your readiness. And we will arrange for your presentation to the next available jury.

    * TEAMs – Please indicate any change you want to your teams, if any, right away. Extremely unlikely that these will be changeable once this round is over

    * PRESENTATIONS- ONLY (one or more of) the REGISTERED TEAM members can present to the jury.

    * PRESENTATION MATERIAL – Can be power point (most common) THOUGH there is NO restriction from us nor specific preference. As long as you communicate what is to be conveyed to the jury within the given time frame (about 15 min) that’s fine..

    * PARTICIPATION in ADCOM2019 – Is INCLUDED in your ADC2019 registration

    * PARTICIPATION in tutorials – is to be paid – for whatever you plan to attend…

    Trust you ALL are getting ready and engrossed in more than one activity to make this memorable occasion.

    Best Wishes

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2019

  4. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Inerview 530PM

    Dear ADC2019 Teams

    Trust ALL of you must have, by now, gotten deeply into the groove – with the academics hurtling towards final exams and your (this) project gaining steam continuously.

    We are in receipt of project updates – in terms of HW, SW choices, architecture, by most of you (and NOT ALL!). Now, we do hope you ARE progressing in development, as per the plans you charted out, to be ready by December – which is exam time too.

    As we said, we did NOT promise the hardware platform to build upon, while we earnestly try to get one and provide. And, it will be of use to the mentor, institute, down the road. So, we urged (and expected) you to continue the project, with necessary procurements (while we are there to guide on them, if required), without waiting. Hope you DID do this way and ARE progressing!!

    From the inputs received by ALL of you about your next phase review – when you are to demonstrate the first version of your work, it is apparent that the requirements are spread all across December (due to your examinations reason). Our aim ALWAYS IS to provide equal platform and opportunity to all, while your other academic commitments are not disturbed.

    With this perspective, the following is the plan for next round of ADC2019 demonstrations:
    JANUARY 3,4,5, 2020
    Remotely – through Video Call – of about 30 min each.

    ALL of you have to submit your DEMO and DOCUMENTS BEFORE. So that the review will be productive, efficient, short.

    Request you ALL to make note of this and plan your scheduling..

    Warm wishes..

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2019

  5. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2019 teams

    All of you must be in your ‘examination zone’ !! And, trust you ARE progressing with your ADC2019 project too, and readying for January 3,4,5 reviews!!

    Some of you have NOT updated earlier – with the hardware platform you are to use etc. Some of you have given Raspberry as the platform.

    Please NOTE:
    A. Microcontroller
    * Your projects should be based on 32 bit, 64 bit Microcontroller – can be any…
    * Raspberry is NOT a Microcontroller (more like a SoC, chip) and hence jury is unlikely to accept this project
    * Similarly ANY project that is based on ANY Non-Microcontroller is more than likely to be ‘not approved’

    Please do keep this in mind

    B. Platform
    * Trust ALL of you have bought the required HW platform (these are available at lesser cost). In case any of you require any ‘assistance’ in this regard, please DO feel free to let us know, call me (We have some KL25Z platforms that we may be able to provide – though its logistically prudent for you to procure these on your own)

    C. Review
    * Please CONFIRM your participation, preferred date and timeslot if any. (More than likely that) Teams do NOT confirm shall be considered as drop offs
    * Please send (Upload) your files by December 31. Please ENSURE that your files HAVE YOUR PROJECT ID in their respective names

    Look forward..

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC 2019

  6. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2019 Teams

    The time has come for our zonals!! Trust you ARE ready (Using MICROCONTROLLER based any board – and not application specific like ad

    The following is the process to participate, present

    * Have you CONFIRMED your participation ?

    * Please indicate the preferred part of the day you will want your presentation to be scheduled: From 3rd AM, 3rd PM, 4th AM, 4th PM, 5th AM, 5th PM. If you jave further granular preference – of a time slot, do let us know too. We shall try to adhere to this as much as we can

    * Each team typically gets about 30 minutes – unless authorized by the jurors for more/ A typical, indicative, distribuition is: 10 minutes demo, 15 min presentation, 5 minutes discussion

    * Have you prepared your video, presentation Both together should NOT exceed 30 Mega Bytes. Please upload these -w uth your project Team ID in the names to identify accurately.

    Please upload your work by 31sr night atL

    Please note that no response can be construed as ‘non participation’

    Expecting a remarkable show from you ALL

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2019

  7. S Uma Mahesh says:

    ADC2019 Teams

    Good to note that teams ARE ready and ARE submitting their presentation, video.

    However, we are disconcerted to note that a fair number ARE submitting to the adc ID and NOT uploading to the given URL, which is contrary to the instructions given.

    With disheartening disappointment, we do hereby covey to you all that – ALL SUBMISSIONS THAT ARE NOT UPLOADED TO THE GIVEN URL WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED …A

    Hope you will make note of this and WILL NOT blame us later…

    Team ADC2019

  8. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2019 teams

    Welcome to the new year, decade!! My 2020 become synonymous with your views, approach, spirit, that shall lead you towards being a successful human and exemplarily humane…

    Yes, the much awaited for, long planned review time is here!! When we will have conversations – about what you accomplished. THE EXPECTATION IS the FIRST WORKING PROTOTYPE OF YOUR IDEA!!

    We urged you ALL to upload your presentations, demonstrations. We also expected you to give your preferred day, time slots for consideration. Alas, the responses have been less than they should be.

    This is how it’s going to be:

    * ALL interactions will be online… Video conference calls.

    * Your video demonstration time will be as part of your allotted time

    * Your time will be MAX 30 min – unless thought othewise by your jury

    * We urge you to chose the session slots on 3rd and 4th

    * We expect to provide the allotted slots for 3rd by toda yevening, as a first phase..

    Please keep an eye here..

    Best Wishes

    Team ADC2019

  9. S Uma Mahesh says:

    ADC2019 Teams

    The semifinals reviews are begun today (3rd) and will continue for 4th and 5th.

    Despite concerted urging, many of you have NOT still uplaoded your presentation, demo video. Disappointing that most of you don’t seem to realize the importance of giving possible ‘more time’ for jurors with your work by doing so…

    Once again, THE AIM of these reviews is for you to deonstrate the realization of your concept to physical realiry – of course it can be first cut, that will require more fine tuning over next two months.

    And, another (common) trend noted was the stampede to take latter slots-which actially is not quite a well thought out, beneficial one as such (unless you are sure you will do SO VERY MUCH more in just a day). Will be prudent for those of you who still can, to try moving to 4th itself…

    Look forward


  10. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2019 Semifinal Teams (Mentors & Members)

    Commend your spirit to innovate, enthusiasm to make it a reality and eagerness to learn in the process – all leading to your participation in ADC2019 Semifinals.

    As you all know, the primary aim of the recent semifinals is the demonstration of realization of your idea. And providing a plan about further consolidating it for (more) comprehensive demo by March middle in the finals. In fact, we called ALL of you to confirm this readiness from you, and only then inviting you for the semifinals.

    It is incumbent on us to submit, that overall, many of the teams have not lived up to this promise, and the standard ACCS stands for. While some have not even got the hardware platform (32/64 bit processor based), there are some who have just made it an ‘app’ effort alone – which ADC is NOT (Yes, app can be part of a solution but NOT the ONY project). Most of you have NOT tracked (forget even communicating through it) the blog, did not check their communications as they should. And – this is important for mentors, some just didn’t even show up after confirming… !!:(

    We once again will like to reiterate – please do continue with your projects and complete, independent of the progress you make in ADC2019. And, as you would have realized, ACCS WILL BE WITH YOU THROUGH OUT – and please do utilize this opportunity.

    With this perspective, please find here the teams selected for the ADC2019 finals.

    There are specific jury observations, suggestions, advise, for many of these teams, that will be communicated respectively. Urge ALL of you to be build on your project – whether you are no in the finals or otherwise.

    The finals will be held during March 2nd/3rd weekend in Bangalore and the finalist teams will be communicated in this context. We urge and expect the mentors to play pro-active role in their project –for ACCS ADC program is an interactive, long term, high learning engagement with institutions, through the mentors. And, continue the engagements beyond just one ADC season, and some phases of ADC.

    And ALL DO PARTICIPATE, in even bigger numbers, with ever the more commitment, enthusiasm, in ADC2020 – by being on the look out for the information by June 2020!!


    S Uma Mahesh
    Team, ADC2019

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