Institutional Chapter

Institutional Chapter of Advanced Computing and Communications Society (ACCS)

1.0 Formation of the Institutional Chapter in an Academic Institution
To establish an Institutional Chapter of ACCS in an academic institution:

1.1 The Head of the academic Institution, after ascertaining that the institution has in the least 20 registered members of ACCS across all categories of membership, shall forward a letter requesting establishment of the new Chapter on the campus to the President of ACCS along with a list of charter members comprising of
a) At least three (3) individual Life Members of ACCS from among Computer Science/Information Technology (CS/IT) / Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) / and Electronics & Electrical Engineering (EEE) Departments and whose membership is in good standing
b) A minimum of five (5) and maximum of eight (8) active student members in good standing. Membership is open to all other departments of the academic institution, where there is interest in the areas of Computing and Communications. Faculty members as well as students of Research (PhD/MS), Post Graduate or Undergraduate courses can enroll to be members of ACCS Institutional Chapter.

1.2 The President in consultation with the Executive Council (EC) will provide provisional approval for the formation of the Chapter and nominate a member from the parent society (ACCS) to oversee the formation of the prospective Chapter

1.3 The Charter members will elect one among themselves as the Chapter Head
1.4 The initial team Chapter Head will decide on a term not exceeding one year from the date of installation of the Chapter and publish a notice for election of office bearers forming the Chapter Executive Committee (CEC) within this period
1.5 The CEC comprises, the President, the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and other council members

1.6 The prospective Chapter must adopt the bye-Laws of the parent society in total and may develop additional set of bye-laws for the governance of the local Chapter within the framework of the parent society bye-laws, and must be approved by the EC of ACCS

1.7 The ACCS nominee will act as the Returning Officer (RO) for the election of CEC

1.8 The new Chapter will execute a binding Memorandum of Understanding with the parent society on revenue sharing and fee ‘draw-back’

1.9 The ACCS President will grant final approval for the Chapter and present the chapter proclamation
2.0 Institutional Chapter: Operations and Governance
2.1 The CEC of the institutional Chapter must meet at least six times in a year.

2.2 The Chapter shall in each year hold a General Meeting, called the Annual General Meeting (AGM) not later than three months of the expiry of each year

2.3 The business to be transacted at the AGM shall include the following:

a) Consideration and adoption of the Annual Report of the CEC.
b) Consideration and adoption of the audited Annual Accounts and the Report of the Auditors thereon
c) Appointment of auditors and fixing their remuneration for the next financial year
d) Election of the Chapter Executive Committee Members

2.4 The Chapter will have the privilege to carry out all actions targeted to meet the following objectives of ACCS:

a) To enrol new Individual members to ACCS through the centralized ACCS online application process

b) Chapters receive a part credit of the membership fee towards chapter activities from parent organization for each enrolment initiated by the local Chapter

c) The Chapter will strive to create a forum for interaction among academicians, industrialists, scientists and engineers in the broad area of computing and communications

d) The Chapter will provide active support for the conduct of ADCOM, the flagship event of the Society. The Chapter will encourage its Researchers, faculty and student members to present their work in the Annual ADCOM event.

e) The Chapter will organize or promote conferences, workshops, seminars, courses, tutorials and exhibitions in the area of advanced computing and communications

f) To organize lectures by scientists and experts and to disseminate their ideas and concepts among the computing and communications community

g) To be a role model in the use of modern technology in conducting all of its affairs

h) To publish books, journals and newsletters relating to computing and communications and

i) To do such other things as may be conducive or incidental to the attainment of any or all of the above objectives

2.5 Termination of the membership of any category will be handled by ACCS HQ as per the bye-laws laid down.

3.0 Institutional Chapter: Finance and Accounting

3.1 The financial years for the Chapters located in India will coincide with the academic year of the institution.

3.2 Each Chapter will open and operate a bank account “[Institution name ACCS Chapter]” for carrying out financial transactions, and must get its accounts audited by a certified accountant.

3.3 The Chapter will be financially supported in part by a combination of ‘draw-back’ from the consolidated account of the ACCS HQ and a share in revenues earned from the activities of the Chapter as detailed in the Memorandum of Understanding to be executed when the Chapter is formed.

3.4 The audited financial reports of the Chapter must be submitted to the parent society within three (3) months of the defined financial year of the Chapter.

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