ACCS Membership Details

The ACCS is India’s first technical society dedicated to Computing and Communications engineers. Indian students and professionals have had limited access to similar international societies to review and debate their technical progress in computing and communications. The cost of membership in these professional societies and the compulsion of traveling to international conferences have been the major obstacle. Thus, ACCS steps in to address these limitations and provide that much needed platform to discuss and share pioneering views.

In our attempt to foster newer technologies in communications and computational sciences, we invite individuals and institutions to become part of ACCS’ mission to advance the state of computer and communications engineering and technological leadership. Your ACCS membership will help you go farther in your professional growth with the recognition of your achievements by your peers. Moreover, ACCS provides you access to the industry’s most essential technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools, and many other exclusive benefits.

Why join us?

ACCS offers a wide range of benefits to its members. Below some of the benefits are mentioned:

  • Access to the latest technical information through informative technical meetings.
  • Tremendous opportunity to network with industry leaders.
  • Engage with leading academic institutions.
  • Connections throughout the global marketplace.
  • Recognition for your accomplishments by your peers.
  • Resources to support your career and professional development.
  • Opportunities to hone your leadership skills.
  • Discounts and member-only savings on ACCS programs and services.
  • Locate career opportunities with our member base.
  • Get to recognize your peers in their achievements.
  • ACCS members will receive a member @ email address with a feature rich service for you to create Special Interest Groups across the member base in your area of interest and specialization.