ACCS ARM Design Contest: Need for Bouncing Your Ideas off of Other Teams


My Dear Students,

We have been quite perturbed over the last few days with questions from students, such as you, asking about the exact time slot for their respective proposal presentations. Well those details are certainly available on the ADCOM 2014 main page under the sub menu of “PROGRAMME.” However, the cardinal point the ADCOM organizers are trying to drive is that each of you sit through all the proposal presentations. The reason being that this is really that Golden Opportunity of getting to know what the rest of your fellow students in the country are doing. More importantly, this is that chance to get to know a little beyond what you already know. Furthermore, this absolutely is that Golden Opportunity to know what others think about your proposal or idea. It absolutely is essential for each of us engaged in pushing the frontiers of knowledge and technology to know what’s happening in our near and far neighborhoods and to share however much we know about other ideas to help people working on them move faster. It is that Beautiful Age of Competition as well as Collaboration. No single team or person can do anything alone. It ain’t happening. Both Competition and Collaboration are essential to be able to provide the BEST Solution in the SHORTEST possible time.

So my fervent plea to you all is that each of you be present for all the proposal presentations, including your own, starting at 9:30 AM on Monday, September 22, 2014, at WIPRO, Electronic City, Tower 21, Gate 10. Let’s really quickly get off that culture of extreme individualism prevalent in our country that is pulling us down hugely and irreparably. Let’s do things together where we do not need to compete and only compete where we ought to!

Once again, thanks for participating in the Student Design Contest and all the best from each of us at ADCOM 2014!

4 Responses

  1. Nithya C H says:

    What is the next step sir?

  2. Srinath K says:

    when will the short listed ideas to be announced????

    • Sadanand Gulwadi says:

      Please give the ACCS Team a week or so more to select the 20 best teams. This selection process is definitely a tough task since most teams did a tremendous job. We thank you all for the opportunity you gave us to get a glimpse of your capabilities.

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