ACCS ARM Design Contest: Selection of Proposals & their Presentation

Student Design Contest Proposals Selected for 7-minute Presentations Each at ADCOM 2014 at WIPRO in Electronic City on Monday, September 22, can be viewed at the blog site at

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  1. Mari Ganesh Kumar M says:

    I have some queries regarding contest
    1)At what time should we be reporting at wipro in electronic city for the presentation
    2)I wish to know that any certificate or some kind of proof that we made presentation at ACCS ARM Design Contest will be given and if yes, I would like to whether it will provided to all the members of the team or the one’s who where present during the presentation.
    Thanks, Mari Ganesh Kumar M

    • Sadanand Gulwadi says:

      Dear Mari Ganesh Kumar,

      For reporting time, I would look up the program details on the ADCOM 2014 Website. These details have been in place for over 10 days. Every conference is pretty much covered very well on its respective website to the finest details and niceties.

      Secondly, the presentation of the concept or idea is really only the beginning. To be able to qualify for any award or even a certificate, one would really have to work on the idea over the next 4 or 5 months and come to a near-prototype version that works fully.

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