ACCS ARM Design Contest: Student Presentation Guidelines

Dear Students,

Here’s how we would like your presentations at ADCOM 2014 on Mon, September 22, 2014:

Keep the presentations Short (Describe Idea in Few Words), Sweet (Present Idea Pleasantly) and Crisp (Convey Idea Clearly and Consequently Quickly). Each presenting Team gets 7 minutes. Use Pictures, Images, Schematics instead of Text on Slides. It would make sense to have all members of a team along with their mentor be at the presentation, but it is not mandatory. Only one member need present the slides.

Here’s how you would want to create slides: Slides/Posters should have the following Sections

  • SLIDE 1: Title with Student and Mentor Names – 15 secs for audience to read
  • SLIDE 2: Objective (WHAT Challenge you are trying to address) and the Need (WHY you think this Challenge is so Important) – 2 min for you to present
  • SLIDE 3: Problem Statement (HIGH-LEVEL VIEW of System you are trying to build to address the Challenge) – 1 min for you to present
  • SLIDE 4: Structural and Functional details (HOW the System is going to be built) – 2 min for you to present
  • SLIDE 5: Merits of your System (Solution) with regard to alternatives or as seen on its own (WHY you think your Solution should be considered for the particular Challenge it is intended to address) – 1 min for you to present
  • DEMO (Optional): Demo of sorts, if applicable or ready – 1 min for you to present

Thanks, Sadanand Gulwadi

5 Responses

  1. K Srinath says:

    Is it necessary for all the team members to be present there??? Or else on from team is sufficient??

  2. Nithya C H says:

    What is the schedule and timings of the event?

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