ACCS-ARM Student Design Challenge 2016 – FAQ

1. Who can participate in the ACCS-ARM Design Contest 2016?
Under Grad Qualification: (Bachelors) Engineering – pre-final and final year students.

2. Who can be Mentor for the project?
Each Team HAS have a mentor who is faculty of the institute the student is studying.

3. What is the # of projects one mentor can ‘mentor’?
NO restrictions.

4. Why is Certification of Affiliation required?
Each submission has to be formally certified by a HoD – that the team members are their students.

5. How many teams can participate from a(ny) institute?
No limit. As many as any institution’s students want to submit. No person can represent more than one team. ALL the submissions and team members have to be certified by a HoD about their affiliation.

6. What are the team size guidelines?
Upto 3 members per team plus a Mentor for Each Team.

7. What Base Platform the project idea has to be based on?
It’s a pre requisite for the design entry to be based on Cortex M platform, for further consideration.

8. What should be the status of the innovation/project?
An(y) innovation submitted as entry for ADC2016 can be at any stage of development – concept, idea, plan. BUT, the team HAS to present with clarity and give full picture, exhibit ownership of the idea, commitment to complete the project envisaged.

9. Will the teams have access to the platform targeted?
Teams have to make their very own arrangements to get the platform they targeted their idea on to, and deliver, demonstrate. Kits will NOT be provided by ACCS-ARM.

10. How to submit the Projects?
Projects should be uploaded to the portal (that is provided), with the last one submitted over writing the earlier submitted ones (if any) and hence will be considered for further processing.

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