ADC 2017 – Autonomous Vehicle Kit – Information, Design Guidelines


ADC 2017 is about realizing an autonomous vehicle – based on a Three Wheeled vehicular platform conceptualized by TVS Motors, operated, controlled using ARM’s Cortex M4 design kit, according to the specifications given (below).

Problem Statement

“Build an Autonomous vehicle based on the given TVS” Automotive & ARM Cortex M4 platforms. The Autonomous Vehicle should be able to move on the test track, carry one person and meet the assessment criteria of lane, speed and brake control etc. automatically without rider’s intervention. These assessment criteria will be given as control inputs – ex: in the form of graphic codes, along the track, that have to be gathered and processed and acted upon by the vehicle while in motion.

Changes as needed for fitment of components – including electronics, sensors, can be done. While the electronic control will have to be based on the given ARM Cortex M4 based kit, teams are free to plan, develop their design on the kits they are comfortable with, AS LONG AS they port the work and demonstrate ONLY based on the kit given (referred here). Teams can add any (external) fitments they deem appropriate to the vehicle platform, AS LONG AS the original kits are NOT modified.


Registered teams have to assimilate the specifications, performance metrics to be realized, conceptualize their design so as to realize these engineering objectives and submit their proposals before August 31, 2017.

Proposal should include architectural/engineering details of the solution, how it is envisaged to be realized, including the project plan, indicating various stages, milestones leading to zonals in December.


Teams should do their ground work, debrief the jury about their design intent and convince them about their readiness to formally get started – during September 8 – 10, 2017, at IIITB, Bangalore.  ADC 2017 teams will be chosen based on these reviews.

Each of the chosen team will be given one autonomous vehicle kit from TVS motors, along with a ARM Cortex M4 based design kit by ARM. Each team should come prepared to carry this kit, in case they get selected for the next round (weighs at least 25 Kg) along with them (Any concern, reservation, please flag right now!) and also be ready to bring it to demonstrate their progress, at the zonals, where there will be filtering to identify the ADC2017 finalist teams.

These finalist teams will take their work towards engineering conclusion; demonstrate the same during finals at TVS Motors’ facilities during March 2018.

All the participating teams, institutions, will have to adhere to and abide by the Terms, Conditions, which are provided.


Design Challenge Specifications

1.0 Vehicle Platform:
TVS’ Autonomous Vehicle is a Three wheeled Concept Prototype.  The Front Wheel is fitted with the Hub Motor.  The rear two wheels are small normal wheels for motion.  The Chassis is simple and has a Seating platform to carry a person.  The Steering motor is mounted on the Front column below the handle bar.  The battery, Motor Controller and the Autonomous Vehicle Controller Unit (AVCU) are housed below the Seat.


Autonomous Vehicle System Diagram


Target Vehicle (Reference only)


Autonomous Vehicle Dimensions


2.0 Design Kit ingredients supplied to ADC 2017 Teams

1 Traction BLDC motor 1
2 BLDC motor Controller 1
3 Traction Battery 1
4 DC Motor for steering control 1
5 ARM Cortex M4 based Development Board
(From NxP – FRDM-K64F)

3.0 Scope of Work

The Autonomous Vehicle Kit is essentially an Electric Vehicle kit that can be modified for Vision based Autonomous Driving using the ARM Cortex M4 based development platform along with the necessary Sensors and Actuators. Scope of the work is
(a) Conceptualize the solution based ONLY on the given kit items
(b) Submit the proposal by August 31 2017
(c) Present the proposal to the jury during September 8 2017 – September 10 2017
(d)  Selected teams to  develop the  solution, which engineering challenge comprises of:

  1. Development of the AV Control Unit (AVCU)  FRDM Interfaces
  2. Integration of sensors and actuators + Wiring Harness
  3. Development  of  Software for AVCU
  4. Integrate the automation with the vehicle platform
  5. Test and validate the vehicle
  6. Optimize the  design for the Challenges  – Test Conditions
  7. Demonstrate on the test track

4.0 Performance Criteria
The following performance criteria will form the basis for the evaluation and decision making by the jury, at each phase.

  1. Lane Control
  2. Speed Control
  3. Steering Control
  4. Brake Control (Obstacle detection)
  5. Energy Utilization (Battery)

These criteria will be given as inputs along the track at some places – like standard signal, traffic condition indictors, ex. In the form of graphic code. The vehicle has to collect these, assimilate, process, take the decisions that ought to be taken, execute them, transforming the inputs into the movement patterns of the vehicle.


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  1. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams, Updated Problem Statement, Design Guidelines and Submission instructions are released. Please go through the same – Team ADC2017

  2. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams, COMMEND your enthusiastic participation and series of queries we receive from some of you!! We look forward to have MUCH MORE of it – you can & should use this blog post approach, so that more can get to know about more queries and answers – as the queries and answers are useful for ALL, right !!

    Please find here (above) updated design specifications details – that should answer most (if not all) of your questions, doubts, confusions. Please go through, discuss amogst yourselves before coming back to us with more doubts – which you ALWAYS can and should 🙂

    Further to your queries, and requests, we (too) felt that we should do as you suggested – EXTEND THE CLOSURE DATE for BOTH REGISTRATIONS & SUBMISSIONS to AUGUST 31. This will give MORE TIME for you ALL to think more, discuss more, plan more, prepare more and submit more comprehensive, well thought out proposals. Urge you to spread the word around, so that more will know about this and participate!!

    We are to let you know,, shortly, about possible accommodation options for your September 7 – 10 stay for presenting and participating in ADC2017.

    Warm Wishes and look forward

  3. bhavesh itankar says:

    sir can we use cortexM4 for controlling and other high end processor for processing the data?

  4. tamilarasu says:

    sir can u please say what is the last date for sumitting proposal

  5. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Participating Teams

    It does NOT LOOK LIKE, the registered teams are providing the contact information of the professor who is (going to be) your mentor. It is imperative and important that ALL of you provide the complete details of the professor please – the name, the designation,, the department, the email ID, the phone number contact.

    Appreciate you making this note and updating this information info your nomination please..

    Look forward


  6. Vignesh says:

    Will there be center line markings (barrier lines ) in the lanes?
    Would the vehicle go in individual or in groups in the test track?
    Thank you Sir…

  7. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    ACCS is making some possible accommodation arrangements closer to the venue. Teams can chose to avail these, or make any other alternative arrangements as they prefer. These are on First-Come-First-Served basis and hence suggest that you call the given contacts at the earliest. These details can be known at the following URL – which will be updated as required.

  8. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Trust ALL of you are finalizing your proposals, readying it to submit by 31st. And, hope ypu ARE spreading the word – there is STILL LOT OF TIME, to your friends, other departments, other institutions, about ADC2017.

    One of ADC2017 guidelines – being a team based challenge that is the responsibility of the institution they belong to, is about the team composition. The ADC2017 teams are to have: Up to 4 members, belonging to the same institution, can be of any branch, but of final year B.E/B.Tech.

    Having said that, teams are primary responsibility of the mentor. So, as long as the mentor is comfortable and approves, the team members can be from 3rd year too, and, sometimes, even from different institutions (with the realization that the kits will be given only to the institution where the mentor belong

  9. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    This is an update about the test tracl(s) that will be provided – to run your autonomous vehicles, during zonals and finals:
    The track will not have a lane separator indicator, marker. This is planned so as to make it simpler to the teams, with one less factor to be addressed.

  10. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Trust ALLL of you are ALL ENGROSSED in fiving final touches to your proposals and will upload the same TODAY, along with the associated document that you, your mentor, institution HoD are to sign and

  11. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Trust ALLL of you are ALL ENGROSSED in fiving final touches to your proposals and will upload the same TODAY, along with the associated document that you, your mentor, institution HoD are to sign and submit by today.

    Please, don’t get anxious, as you can always improve upon what you submitted today and present during September 8-10. And, yes, tis holds true for the letter from the institution too…

    And, hope ALL of you made your travel plans and accommodation arrangements.

    Please feel free to ping us as and when you feel essential..


  12. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    While we are at the threshold of closure of August 31st PLEASE NOTE that ALL TEAMS HAVE TO SUBMIT THEIR PROPOSAL to be considered for presentation to jury on September 8-10. Yes, you can make iimprovisations till your presentation day. BUT, the submission HAS TO HAPPEN today – along with the letter from the institute…


  13. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams


    To ALL of you who submitted their proposals….Commend your spirit. Trust this was an enriching experience.

    We realize that, due to various reasons sighted some of you could NOT submit their proposals on time. For those who brought this up to me, I noted and suggested that they can send it to adc email for now. THOUGH, please note that the very fact that one could NOT submit can mean there is a lacuna in the process they followed, and hence the submission may still fall short. We shall let you know of this soon.

    We also asked ALL of you to submit the soft copies of your certification letters(and bring the hard copies to submit on 8th). Some combined the letter with their proposals.. Some sent separately. Please ensure that you DID submit this too.

    Now, we do hope ALL OF YOU DID MAKE YOUR TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION PLANS. We indicated from the very beginning that, UNLESS SOMETHING IS DRASTICALLY LACKING in your propposal, NONE WILL BE ELIMINATED here itself – as that is against the basic character of our this challenge.

    So, ALL OF YOU PLEASE DO GO AHEAD MAKE PLANS and BE READY to be here sometime during 7th, so that 8th you can get ready, have some enriching time at ADCOM2017, and we will have the presentations started by 9th.

    Eagerly look forawrd


  14. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Appreciate your efforts to submit your proposal. Trust you did submit the certification letter from your institution too. In case your submission is NOT through the formal route (like if you submitted to this email ID etc.) you may still be required to submit in the formal route.

    As explained already, many a time, please make arrangements to come to IIITB, participate in ADCOM17, submit your certification letter in original and present your proposal to the jury during September 8-10, 2017.

    Please note you will have to make your own travel and stay arrangements, though we did point some possible accommodation options for your ready reference, just in case.

    Appreciate your attention and look forward to hosting you from September 8


  15. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Trust ALL of you are ALL SET to come, participate in ADCOM2017, ADC2017, present your thoughts to the jury. Already some teams ARE here, prticipting in the Tutorial – and we APPRECIATE THEM MUCH… This will be found IMMENSELY VALUABLE in your next phase!!

    One note – regarding accommodations to ladies. Ladies too, like all other participants, have to look for their accomodation outside the IIITB campus. Request you to make note of this and make plans.


    Our ADC presentations will start from 9th:
    * 9AM onwards introduction
    * 930AM onwards presentations
    * 2-3PM Interaction with TVS and ARM personnel
    * 330-530PM presentations

    On 10th:
    * Presentations from 930AM through the day, with breaks in between

    Appreciate your attention, making plans accordingly.

    Look forward


  16. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Commend your spirit – for having come, particularly in the middle of exams and career events, from distances, in not quite travel friendly weather patterns, making your own arrangements. This spirit you exhibited is SO EXEMPLARY!!

    Trust you found the whole experience enriching, enlightening – the demonstration of the vehicle, the information about the ARM kit, interacting with the jury, probably (hope you did) getting to hear & know other teams!!

    ALL OF YOU ARE WINNERS, independent of the results of this round. Particularly if this exercise triggered the element of creative curiosity, engineering excitement and love for learning. Please continue your pursuit, enhance learning, build on what you already did.

    Please ensure
    * Sending the HARD COPIES of the Rules, Regulations and Certificate, as applicable
    * You should know the address to send the document(s) to (here in this site!!)
    * Please send the SOFT COPY of the presentation you made (and any other associated documents) ONLY IF YOU MADE ANY CHANGES from the EARLIER ONE that you already submitted. NO HARD COPIES please.. and please DO NOT RESEND, if it is same as what you already submitted

    We are anticipating to receive ALL these this week. And be able to declare the results for the next round by next week.



  17. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Please send the details of your mentors – name, designation, contact ID, Phone…

    Appreciate a quickest revert


  18. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    We get inquiries about the result of the first round. Concur with your concern – that’s an echo of ours. Of curse, interested, enthused teams can work on the project without knowing the result, having the vehicle at this stage, can’t they?

    Did YOU SUBMIT ALL THAT IS TO BE SUBMITTED BY YOU ? The HARDCOPIES of Rules, Regulations, Institute certificate ? The details of your mentor ??

    There are QUITE A MANY who did NOT YET… Hence, though we have the results, we waited.. as non compliance can change the final shortlist. Of course we will NOT wait eternally… and we will close either way so as to release the results by first half next week.

    Appreciate you making note and ensuring that you have done ALL that you are to at this stage, please..


  19. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Trust you are in the midst of curriculum, pooja vacations. And, hope you are continuing to work – as we urged, on your Autnomous Vehicle Project.

    (While) ALL of you are keenly awaiting the result of first round of ADC2017, though NOT ALL OF YOU HAVE SUBMITTEd the Rules & Regulations(RR) Document & Institute certificte STILL. As you recall, we gave extended time – as asked by many of you, till this previous Saturday for the same.

    As said we will NOT wait ANYMORE and the result will be with you, as said earlier, in couple of days.

    For your reference, following are the details of the teams that did NOT submit the relevant documents – Trust you have your team number with you (as you shoul, as that will be the basis for further process).


    ADC0168 – NO RR DOC.
    ADC0185 – NO RR DOC.
    ADC0121 – NO RR DOC

    If any of you listed above have anything to convey about their document submission, please do contact me IMMEDIATELY BEFORE EoD TUESDAY the 26th.


  20. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Since last update, there is some iprovement – with some having send their documents OR confirming that they will.

    We are yet to receive the documents of – as of Wednesday the 27th evening. the following teams:
    ADC0168 – NO RR DOC.
    ADC0185 – NO RR DOC.F
    ADC0121 – NO RR DOC

    Please mote that, as already communicated, please do NOT expect to be given further room for your submissions. The jury may cloe and release the results ANYTIME.

    Appreciate your attention


  21. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    As said, the following teas are YET TO BE REVIEWED BY JURY, as they have NOT SUBMITTED THEIR DOCUMENTS:
    ADC0168 – NO RR DOC.
    ADC0185 – NO RR DOC.
    ADC0121 – NO RR DOC

    As it is NOT FAIR to hold up the results that have been ready for a while, we are compelled to quickly release the results, if we do no NOT have these closed in a day or so.

    ALSO, MOST OF YOU HAVE STILL NOT SUBMITTED YOUR MENTOR FACULTY DETAILS – which is IMPORTANT for considering the project for the next level, as faculty involvement is of paramount importance in shaping up a TOP NOTCH PRODUCT

    Request ALL OF YOU TO SEND THESE DETAILS AGAIN – as jury might make this as a parameter too.. And, might disqualify from futher considerations.

    Look forward


  22. S Uma Mahesh says:


    Well, there is some progress – though still has to see if it completes, as it should.

    Let me reiterate, that its the jury that takes the final call, and all this still might not make them be ready to review your proposals. Trust you understand..

    While appreciating that, the following TWO TEAMS still seem to be off the ball…

    Have a blissful, respectful, Mahar-Navami…


  23. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Appreciate the participation of ALL the teams in ADC2017 first round, during September 9-10, 2017, during ADCOM2017 @ IIITB.

    The spirit of innovation, engineering creativity, curiosity and learning of ALL OF YOU is HIGHLY commended. ALL of you are WINNERS in that sense – particularly if your thought process has imbibed the learning thus far. We wish you the VERY BEST and hope that you will continue with this spirit, build on such mindset, to conquer far greater challenges, resulting in most satisfying life, in future, wherever you go, whatever you set out to do

    36 teams, selected from very promising proposals received, from across India, have participated in ADC2017 first round. The very nature of ADC2017 mandates us to select the very best among the best of proposals from the first round, for the zonals phase.

    Please find below, the list of the 17 (SEVENTEEN) selected teams for the zonals phase.

    • All future communications will be based on these team IDs – Please do make note and make sure to refer to these in ALL your communications, proposals, submissions
    • You will be sent a participation guidelines and norms document (soft copy), to your email ID(s)
    • Next phase of ADC2017 will be as per the rules, guidelines, terms and conditions, detailed in this document
    • You are required to submit this document’s HARD COPY, duly signed, the same way you have done for the first round – BUT MUCH FASTER, as any delay will only be more detrimental to your chances ahead
    • The two design kits – The ARM kit and the TVS Vehicle Platform, will be sent ONLY ON RECEIPT OF THE HARD COPY OF THIS RULES DOCUMENT
    • Along with this, please send the contact person’s name postal address, to which the two kits will be sent. Note, the parcel will be on the heavier side!!
    • You need to bring these kits to the zonals – and take back, purely based on your own arrangements
    • There will be a midterm review (remote, over phone) around 2nd half of November, to assess the progress
    • Zonals will be conducted during the 2nd half of December, at venue(s) that will be announced soon. Please INDICATE ANY DATE CONFLICTS IMMEDIATELY.


    Team Number Team Number


    Look forward to an INSPIRING, EXCITING PARTICIPATION ahead


  24. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams

    Trust you are beginning to get into the ‘zone’ :)!!

    As you should have realized and done by now, you should:
    1. Send the NEW R&R document signed and in hard copy to us – then ONLY you are formally into the process
    2. Provide the (contact) details of your mentor
    3. Provide the postal coordinates – for us to ship the vehicle kit & ARM kit – it will be SIGNIFICANTLY heavy (20+ Kg) and well sized..

    PLEASE NOTE THAT – the vehicle kits (and ARM Kits) will be sent as soon as we receive your details – hence, sooner you send your details, sooner can you get going on your project.

    Meanwhile you can/should be working on your idea – please note there WILL BE a mid-course e/t review towards 2nd half of November.

    Futher, if any of you think your institute can host a zonal, please feel free to let us know – so that we can discuss the details. PLEASE NOTE: SINE QUA NON for hosting a zonal is ABILITY TO PROVIDE A TRACK of fair length for the vehicle to run, operate upon. Then couple of rooms for presentations, along with associated logistics.

    Appreciate your attention and look forward


  25. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Zomal Teams

    All of you must be in the midst of a wet festival season !! ) That’s IMMENSELY FUN!!..

    We are receiving documents and information from some… And we began sending the kits to them directly…. Have couple of points for you to note and adhere to, please:


    So far, we have received HOME ADDRESSES from some and that is NOT OK. Please make sure that you send the RIGHT ADDRES

    2. We are YET TO RECEIVE THE MENTOR DETAILS from MANY – Please ensure this too …..

    Appreciate and look forward


  26. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    All of you must be celebratig a MUCH EARNED festival time!!

    We received the requisite information from the following teams, who are shipped the ARM Kit – should be with you by Monday (if not earlier).
    ADC0134, 136, 155, 158, 167, 180, 183, 185, 196

    Request you to ACKNOWLEDGE as soon as you receive the kits. Please note that the kits are shipped addressed to the mentor (the shipping address should be the professor, department, college address!!)

    There are some more of you who said they have sent their documents, that we are yet to receive, nor did we have the soft copies, and hence could NOT send. But, optimistic that this will be completed next week.

    Now, we urge ALL of you to expedite your work – make it continuous process, DO NOT make it a last week thingy. Please feel free to contact us for ANYTHING, ANYTIME. Remember we will have a later November review.

    Please proceed with your design planning, begin implementing. The focus should be on the overall design plan, architecture, the electronic control (including SW) aspects. In fact, we do NOT think that for your mid program review – in later November, the vehicle need not be quite there. Hence, we are NOT rushing to ship the vehicles – as they can be dangerously diverting distractions. We do plan to ship the vehicles to be with you by mid November.

    Appreciate your attention, Praise your spirit…

    Subha Deepavali


  27. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams,

    ARM KIts for two more – ADC0147 and ADC0161 are shipped


  28. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams

    Trust all of you had sparkling, captivating, Deepavali time with near & dear!!

    And, are back to your academic pursits. Among which should be your ADC2017 project. As advised, hope you ARE working on your project, NOT delaying, underplaying it. There IS a reason why we give sufficient time to you, spanning many months – so that you all can deliver your innovative best.

    You should detail your idea, define it clearly,, architect diligently, implement with enthusiasm. The kits – both ARM & TVS’ are NOT quite required right away. In fact, they CAN BE debilitating distractions.

    Please ensure your focus stays on on the bigger picture, chipping away at the smaller detail as you progress.

    Urge you to follow the blog posts(you can communicate there too) – we updated on the kits.

    URGE ALL the teams to work on their project idea, implementation plans and actually begin implementing. The kits are NOT required right away, and actually, they are very likely to be turning into diversion factors. With this perspective, we think we should not deliver the vehicle kits before middle of November – so that yo will ACTUALLY do what ought to be done now first..

    We have a planned review during later half of November – of the progress ALL of you are doing.

    Appreciate you making note…

    Before we close – the following FOUR TEAMS – 152, 162, 165, 168 seem to be in a self imposed state of oblivion. We did NOT hear from them, iid NOT receive their document, mentor details and postal address – which is only to the detiment of their participation.

    Commend your dedicated work


  29. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams


    Been a while. While we didn’t hear from most of you, we are optimistic that ALL of you will hae continued to pursue this progrAM,along with your other activities.

    We shipped the ARM kits. And, particularly urged ALL of you to first plan the solution, architecture and execution plan. And this one does NOT require ANY KIT. Then you can begin getting to know about the ARN kit given by NXP.

    We believe that the vehicle kit can be a distraction and hence we did NOT rush to send it earlier.

    Now, we have begun shipping the kits. What is not foreseen by us is the insistence of the agency that delivers the kits to you (from TVS @ Hosur) to have the GST NUMBERS OF the destination party.

    Hence, PLEASE send your INSTITUTE’s GST NUMBERS. Please send the name and number together so that there is no hassle later. Request your QUICK REVERT.


  30. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Tut ALL OF YOU HAVE seen the earlier communication Urge (as always) ALL those who see these, to inform all those who they know… And of course, keep following this blog regularly, and communicate through the same as well.

    We did NOT RECEIVE ANY f the GST numbers from ANY OF YOU. Please note that WITHOUT these GST numbers we will NOT be able to ship the vehicle kits… And these are ALREADY SHIPPED to ALL TN based teams – as they do NOT have this GST clause, being an intrastate transaction.



  31. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Trust you ALL are SERIOUS and ARE working on this exciting challenge diligently !!…

    I ak this as i am not quite sure, honestly… 🙁

    This is because we ONLY GOT ONE RESPONSE, to this GST related update – with ONE TEAM giving their GST number/ Urge ALL of you to provide your GST numbers ASAP.

    One team has already gone ahead, assembled their vehicle – ADMIRE the same, Keep up the GOOD WORK!!. I urge them, and ALL OTHERS, to be careful when working with the vehicle. Both Electrically & Mechanically



  32. S Uma Mahesh says:


    Should we presume that some of you, at least, are NOT interested ??? Its beem some time since we asked for tyour GST numbers. But NO response from MOST OF YOU.

    Sad Irony is, we called your colleges and got the GST numbers for MANY… Means, what is just a matter of very short time, is NOT done…

    Well, please realize that there ARE teams who ALREADY have the vehicle kits and working on it WELL!!


  33. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    * By now ALL the teams have received the NxP ARM kits – yes two seemed to have an issue, and we shipped the replacement kits, WITHOUT waiting for the resolution

    * ALL the teams that gave the GST numbers have received the kits – OR WILL RECEIVE soon, as the shipments are done.

    * Some are working with the kits, and facing the challenges – which is understandable


    1. Initially work on NXP platform and establish Desktop POC.

    2. You are ADVISED NOT TO POWER THE VEHICLE KIT and drive till they get their documents reviewed by their Guides/and or ACCS.

    3. Study the Wiring Harness and Electrical Layout.

    4. Prepare their Connection Diagram (based on the Sensors and interfaces in their proposed solution..

    5. Please do communicate your doubts, in writing, so that they can be accurately interpreted and addressed

    * We received the exam schedule information of different teams (and NOT of ALL). We will review and update on the zonal review plans, so tht your exams will NOT be effected.

    Appreciate your spirit, enthusiasm…


  34. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams

    Welcome back to the new calendar year, and, for many, new academic year – and last semester!!

    Now, its sometime since ALL of the teams have th ARM-NxP kit, the TVS vehicle kit. We ALREADY have URGED (Instructed is more applicable word, actually) ALL of you to:
    1. NOT to jump to power up the vehicle, unerstand the details, go through the documents, information provided, then plan the solution, discuss the same with mentor, get clearance, discuss with us, then plan on implementation
    2. Send your updates – but ONLY a couple did
    3. MORE concerningly, almost all of you (?) began by powering up the vehicle, some blew it up in the process

    Now, are concerned about where you all might be, respectively.

    Going forward:
    1. Please DO PROVIDE the UPDATE
    2. Summarize ANY QUESTIONS you may have- in a DAY
    3. Indicate your status

    We are going to have e/t based review shortly during this month.

    Appreciate your attention


  35. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Adding further:

    The TPS sensor on the vehicle is only for testing the vehicle directly as an manual EV and for AV we do not need it.

    The students can choose any motor suitable for turning the front wheel and interface it to their AV Controller.

    Please prepare the final electrical diagram as per their solution, get it reviewed by mentor, submit to us, and confirm before proceeding to vehicle implementation


  36. S Uma Mahesh says:


    Trust you ALL DID SEE THE BLOG, EMAILS, LOOKED AT THE DOCUMENTS…. As expressed multiple times we ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE LESS THAN PAR responses, adherence to guidelines by most of you. Which is also one of the reasons why at least one vehicle seems to have had a problem.

    Please appreciate that the intention of ALL of us together as a team is to make sure we come out with some of the more exemplary Autonomous vehicle designs. Sticking to the basics, going through the process is critical for it, and NOT JUST CONNECTING THE VEHICLE AND STARTING.

    We URGED ALL of you to put together the plans, get it approved by the mentor, run through us before even jumping to get the vehicles going. We have been WAITING TO HEAR from you on any issues faced, doubts, so that we can try addressing those.

    Further, we have been waiting for your exams to get over to have the reviews that HAVE TO HAPPEN this month.

    Request you to RESPOND IMMEDIATELY, GIVE YOUR queries, so that we will have a good basis for our reviews.

    Time is VERY SHORT….

    Anticipating more productive coordination, work..

  37. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear AD2017 Teams

    Trust ALL of you are back and now that immediate academic targets are behind, we have to shift to 4th gare (if not 5th) and COMPLETE the ADC2017 Autonomous Vehicle Project you took on in the next 2 months.

    So far,you have received the design kits – TVS’ Electric Vehicle (EV) . platform and NxP-ARM’s Kit for control, all the relevant engineering information – for vehicle platform assembly, operational guidelines, graphic code information for control, example hardware accessories.

    Teams are to develop the essential control, algorithms software, to make the given Electric Vehicle as Autonomous Vehicle. And demonstrate it on the test track that will be provided during the finals.

    As of now, we asked for the status reports, any questions you may have. We must put on record to say that while some of you seem to be making commendable progress, some seem to be lacking – with queries on batteries, charging etc. We will like ALL of you to enhance your performance. Urge ALL MENTORs to guide, drive their teams towards this. The indicative steps are:
    1. Send detailed status report
    2. Clearly indicate the changes you made, if any, to the vehicle, the hardware accessories added etc.
    3. We WILL have telephonic reviews with ALL of you this week. Please do indicate any preferred times, OR be available as we call. These WILL BE CLOSED before 24th
    4. Send a video with your vehicle operating, the way it is now. This video has to be sent by 27th. While it need not be elaborately long, it should convey the progress clearly
    5. Based on these, we WILL have a Video call based reviews during February 1st week. Please indicate any preferred times/days for you between Jan 30 – Feb 3

    URGE your attention an focused work on the project. Counting on ALL mentors to take leadership role in guiding their teams. And, ALL teams to put in efforts to ensure outstanding accomplishments – that will lead to valuable rewards and recognitions..

    Appreciate your attention and look forward


  38. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Teams ADC2017… 🙂 Trust you HAVE GONE THROUGH THE DETAILS (that itself wil lbe a good change for those teams who are not used to follow the blog, contribute in the needed way).

    LET’s TALK TODAY * TOMORROW. Please do PLEASE DO CALL ME at your earliest convenience, so that we can discuss your respective status. Of course, we EXPECT Detailed update, INCLUDING YOUR TEAM’s Vehicle video, before this week completes… SO THAT WE WILL HAVE A VIDEO BASED REVIEW NEXT WEEK

    Look forward


  39. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Await to COMPLETE the tele-call based reviews TODAY. PLEASE DO CALL ME AT YOUR EARLIEST – for about 4 min each team. And, do anticipate that you ARE preparing to send your detailed status report, what modifications (if at all) you made to the vehicle, the VIDEO, BEFORE 27th. And be ready for video based review next week – Please advice if any preferred day/time slots are there..

    Look forward


  40. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams

    Glad to discuss with ALL of you. Good to note the progress being made all over.

    As discussed, and agreed upon:
    * Please send your detailed status update which should include: Overall plan, tasks completed, hardware bought, any changes. additions made to the vehicle, ARM-NXP kit, Detail about any SW being developed, Video of the vehicle running

    * We shall have video based review during next week. Already checked about your preferred days, times and we shall try to adhere to them. Plan is to have the reviews on Feb 1 and Feb 2, based on the inputs received thus far

    * The reviews will be through skype. With the most likely ID we will use being sumamahesh

    Please feel free to contact, communicate ANYTIME…

    Look forward


  41. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams

    Today, 27th EoD, is the time line foe submitting your Status Reports, including Video of your vehicle platform.

    As we discussed, during the week of 29th Jan we will have video conference based reviews… for which submission by today is prerequisite..

    Look forward


  42. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Teams ADC2017

    We did NOT RECEIVE information required – the status report & Video, from ALL the teams.

    Please do NOTE:
    1 We ARE GOING AHEAD with the video reviews from 31st
    2. Your NOT SUBMITTING WILL NOT STOP US FROM ALLOCATING A SLOT TO YOU and your failure to participate will ONLY impact your grades for the project..



  43. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams

    Commend your spirited participation in ADC2017’s mid term reviews. Trust it was IMMENSELY invaluable, making EACH OF YOU get an honest perpsective – of what you did, where you are, where you should go, and how you will.

    As informed, we look forward to receving submissions from EACH of you – with your team number – the status report, the video of your vehicle. Based on these, we might still have sme interaction, if essential, over the next few days.

    Pleae note that ALL this is to make you ready for the 17th reviews.

    Please provide project progress details, as per the following guidelines:

    The Autonomous vehicle should be based on given TVS’ vehicle platform and the ARM Based NxP Control kit given

    Please submit the following:

    1. Video of the vehicle, with autonomous vehicle in motion

    2. Status with associated technical details, explaining your plans to make the vehicle autonomous, the solution architecture, technical components used – with their technical specifications etc. The status specifics should address the following aspects of functionality:

    a. Steering the Vehicle
    b. Throttle Control
    c. Track ‘tracking’
    d. Obstacle Detection
    e. Traffic Signs – Detection, Interpretation, Acting upon

    Best Wishes


  44. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams

    Commend your spirit and involvement!!

    Yes, w did receive some videos and status updates (though not all of these updates are in most apt format). GLAD to see vehicles move autonomously!!

    BUT, we have NOT received from some teams… Should we ASSUME THAT THESE TEAMS are NOT INTERESTED ??

    We have made arrangements for the 17th reviews. That will be from 11AM to 4 PM, in 2 tracks. We have the time slots assigned .

    Look forward


  45. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams

    Trust ALL of you are putting in your spirited efforts to enrich your learning about among THE MOST EXCITING topics in the globe!!.

    We are reviewing the videos sent by you, and shall convey any suggestions we may have, that may be of utility during the reviews on 17th. The following teams have NOT submitted as of Monday evening.
    147, 132, 161, 155, 158, 162, 180, 196

    Please note the following schedule for 17th. Yes, there will be 2 parallel tracks – Trust these will be suitable to you. we will provide the SKype IDs to connect to

    1000 ADC0121 ADC0147
    1030 ADC0132 ADC0161
    1100 ADC0155 ADC0158
    1130 ADC0165 ADC0162
    1400 ADC0134 ADC0167
    1430 ADC0168 ADC0180
    1500 ADC0185 ADC0136
    1530 ADC0183 ADC0196

    Warm Wishes

  46. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Teams ADC2017

    Trust ALL of you are ready for Saturday review. The schedule is as follows:

    Time Track 1 Track 2
    TeamID TeamID
    1000 ADC0121 ADC0147
    1030 ADC0155 ADC0161
    1100 ADC0132 ADC0165
    1130 ADC0183 ADC0162

    1400 ADC0134 ADC0167
    1430 ADC0168 ADC0180
    1500 ADC0185 ADC0136
    1530 ADC0158 ADC0196

    We noted tht some of you have NOT SUBMITTED ANY UPDATED VIDEO/STATUS REPORT. Thus, you almost let go of a vauable opportunity to make a much stronger case with the jury (as there is likely filtering here!!).

    Yes, you can still send if you intend to and can show live demo too. Your call – though it can eat into your overall allocated time.

    And, of course, some don’t seem to be even aware of their slot – NOT checking the communications.

    There are gong to be 2 SKYPE IDS, depending on the track one may be in – and the above track allcocation CAN CHANGE. The 2 IDs are:


    Look forward


  47. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams

    We are into the final 3 weeks of our ACCS-ARM Design Challenge ADC2017. We anticipate that you HAVE COMPLETED ALL tht you set out to accomplish, and are in the final fine-tuning. Please pay careful attention to the following:

    * We, ACCS, cherish and take it upon us to imbibe, inculcate, engineering knowledge, engineering spirit, as much as possible (if not more!) into the aspiring engineers. And, thus go beyond the extra mile to nudge you, guide you, educate you.

    In line with this spirit – as we have already demonstrated, we ARE AVAILABLE to you ALL THE TIME – for you to seek clarifications, suggestions, reviews, guidance from. Please contact Sri Kannan Iyer, at the following coordinates, WHENEVER you find the need:

    Mobile: +91 9342860485
    Skype: kannansiyer

    * Trust you did make all the arrangements to:
    1. Travel to Hosur, TVS IQL – ALONG WITH YOUR MENTOR!!
    2. Shipping your vehicle to reach there before you do (UNLESS, you are bringing along with you) You will be given the address to ship your vehicle to, by next week

    We will preserve your vehicle till you arrive. You will be provided needed place to store your vehicles and charge them

    * We urge you to arrive at Hosur by 23rd, so that you can plan well for your project presentations & reviews and demonstrations, which will be on 24th and 25th, along with factory visit and interactions with domain veterans

    * The track on which your autonomous vehicle will have to be demonstrated will be:
    a. Standard Tar road we are all used to everywhere – with NO TRAFFIC on it!!
    b. There will be a lane separator indicted by discontinuous white colored line in the middle of the road
    c. The Vehicle’s front wheel should be positioned on this white kine and travel on it, while making the essential adjustments
    d.. The instructions will be indicated in graphic code that will be pasted in some of the gaps of this white line. You are to interpret this while line and take the required action
    e. There will be obstacle(s) and turn

    Trust you have paid the needed attention and are driving in TOP GEAR, to arrive at TVS IQL for the finals on 23rd.

    Best Wishes


  48. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2017 Teams

    Trust you DID GO THROUGH ALL THE INFORMATION (being) given… Will utilize the invaluable guidance of ACCS through Sri Kannan Iyer (We gave the contacts), will send your presentations and video in due course, make your reservations for travel and stay – all while putting final touches to the project.

    The vehicle should be shipped to the following coordinates. It will be kept there for you to access when you come. Please make sure you send vehicle WELL IN TIME, so that you will NOT be strabded WITHOUT a vehicle.

    The address is:

    Mahesh, CEP coordinator
    Admin Block
    TVS Institute for Quality and Leadership
    Thattanahalli gate
    Attibele to Anekal road
    Anekal Taluk
    Bangalore – 502106

    Look forward

  49. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams ADC2017

    Trust ALL OF YOU are in the process of final, finishing touches, and all set for the final stretch.

    * Please make arrangements to ship your vehicle to the IQL address & contact given. It will be kept safe there and once you arrive, you can assemble – typically on 24th. Enough time will be with you

    Please note that if your vehicle does NOT arrive in time for the finals, you are unlikely to have a spare setup here. which will mean you will have to sit out, after all these efforts…

    * The plan is:
    Arrive on 23rd at the hotel you booked (Gowri Shankar?)
    Transportation arranged between hotel and IQL on 24th and 25th
    Arrive on 24th morning at IQL
    Present to the jury about your work – the presentation format is already conveyed and is as follows:

    The Teams should present their solutions and Learning so far during the review on 24th March 2018. The duration of the presentation is 30 mts per team including Q&A Session

    Following topics need to be covered in the presentation. Teams can add additional slides as needed to present their work.

    Sl No. Topic Slide no.
    1 Goal/Target of the Challenge 1
    2 Functional Diagram / Work breakdown 2
    3 Schedule of the Work (Timing) 3
    4 Design and Engg., details
    4.1 Traction Motor Interface 4
    4.2 Steering Control Verification 5
    4.3 Linegraph Detection Interface 6
    4,.4 Linegraph verification for all codes 7
    4.5 Steering Motor Interface Verification 8
    4.6 Speed Limit setting 9
    4.7 Speed Control Algorithm 10
    4.8 Lane Control Algorithm 11
    4.9 Energy Utilization 12
    5 HW Design, Engg., Problem resolution if any 13
    6 SW Design, Engg., Problem resolution if any 14
    7 Vehicle Engineering 15
    8 Learnings from the participation in Challenge 16
    9 Video Demonstration 2 Min

    * During the course of the day you will get to reassemble your vehicle, work on your solution etc. The charging stations will be arranged

    * During 24th second half there will be interactions with TVS luminaries to introduce you to among the latest and inspiring technologies and approaches

    * Through the first half of 25th the on track demonstrations, you are aware of the criterion of evaluation.

    * Post 3 PM the awards function.

    You do have the IQL contact for the vehicle shipping, storing, access related aspects. right? Please feel free to call us anytime, for anything.

    Look forward to receive you, host you..


  50. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams ADC2017

    Please provide names of ALL your team mates, and your Mentor’s by EoD Monday. We plan to explore providing certificates to you and hence this is essential.




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