ADC 2018 application areas

  1. Smart Transportation Systems:

Smart transportation systems cover intelligent automotive technologies addressing the striking gaps in the status quo of automotive. The need of the immediate future is to eliminate situations leading to fatal crashes, improved energy efficiency, improved driver operational efficiency, advanced driver assistance systems, and feature-wise technologies for autonomous as well as all-electric vehicles.

  1. Energy Management:

IoT brings about the connectivity with intelligence of everyday objects and physical systems within homes, buildings, and critical pieces of infrastructure. It allows people and systems to gather and process data intelligently (less is more), provides means for an insightful analysis of data, and makes for a more environment-friendly way of life that, perhaps, both ensures a planet that can sustain future generations as well as paves the way for a long-term sustainable relationship between humans and environment.

  1. Healthcare:

 With an ever-increasing global population and limited healthcare resources, healthcare is under enormous pressure from both who provide services – a severe shortage of doctors, healthcare workers, hospitals, clinics and supplies – and the serviced – a sharp year-on-year rise in the number of patients, lack of basic health education and cleanliness among people, lack of sanitary conditions and facilities in homes and outside. Furthermore, with regions around the globe either isolated or with burgeoning populations, prevention of epidemics and pandemics is a huge challenge. Add to this, the ever-increasing cost of healthcare makes it not only out-of-reach of most people, but an insurmountable problem without the effective and intelligent use of existing technologies capable of solutions that are cost-effective, have a greater outreach and preventative: reactive to proactive; personal: general to personalized; and automated: augmented treatment & care

  1. Wearables:

 Bringing down barriers between technology and fashion can enable compelling new devices that integrate seamlessly in our lives. Bring “invisibles” to the wearables space by miniaturizing technology and embedding it in everyday items such as clothing and shoes. Beyond the wrist, Arm is enabling a new raft of form factors and use cases that promises to transform the lives of millions of people.

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