The second round comprising of first level of demonstration of your realization is planned between December 2nd half to January 1st half.

# Team ID
1 ADC2018018
2 ADC2018019
3 ADC2018020
4 ADC2018022
5 ADC2018025
6 ADC2018028
7 ADC2018030
8 ADC2018033
9 ADC2018037
10 ADC2018038
11 ADC2018039
12 ADC2018043
13 ADC2018045
14 ADC2018046
15 ADC2018047
16 ADC2018049
17 ADC2018055
18 ADC2018058
19 ADC2018061
20 ADC2018066
21 ADC2018073
22 ADC2018074
23 ADC2018076
24 ADC2018078
25 ADC2018079
26 ADC2018081
27 ADC2018084
28 ADC2018091
29 ADC2018094
30 ADC2018095
31 ADC2018099
32 ADC2018111
33 ADC2018119
34 ADC2018120
35 ADC2018121
36 ADC2018125
37 ADC2018150
38 ADC2018157
39 ADC2018164
40 ADC2018166
41 ADC2018170
42 ADC2018178

10 Responses

  1. Hello Sir,
    Me and our team (ADC2018074 and ADC2018170) agree on the remote presentation of the 2nd round of the competition. As mentioned earlier, we would like to present the video and the presentation on 5th Jan 2019, as we have begun with the exams now. the second half of December will not be possible for us. Hope this is fine. Any change please update us.

  2. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Greetings to our ADC2018 teams

    All of you must be engrossed in executing through an engrossing range of activities – academic activities, semester exams, year closure, holidays, festival season!! 🙂

    AND, then our ADC2018!! As you ALL know – ALL of our teams are to demonstrate their idea. This will be the first demonstration, conceptually realizing their idea, at least the key features. We have given the hardware kit and ALL of yuu are to pick up, add whatever else you want to/need.

    The next round of ADC2018 will be during January 5 and 6, 2019, and will be remote – i.e., ALL OF YOU WILL present from wherever you are – YES, NO NEED TO TRAVEL!! We planned this way – as it will be seamlessly integrated into your schedule. ALL you need to do is:
    1. Do your project
    2. Prepare your presentation – Introduce your idea; Solution Architecture; Technical Details; Status; Future Work
    3. Video of Demonstration of your work
    5. Upload BOTH – presentation and Video, to the location that will be given to you
    6. During your time slot – that will be intimated to you, you can go over the presentation, and discuss with the jury, through Skype

    Yes, you can still present and demo on line during your time slot – but that can be ‘influenced’ by the vagaries of connections and can impact overall time too As it is weekend it won’t interfere with exams for those who may have them And, you need NOT travel. ALL you need is to plan for 30-60 min of your time.

    Please spread this word, plan your execution. And, if you have any preferred day, time during January 5, 6 for your time slot, please do let us know ASAP. – By December 24, 2018

    Best wishes and Look forward

    S UMa Mahesh
    Team ADC2018

  3. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear Teams ADC2018

    Trust ALL of you must be engrossed in balancing the excitement of exams with enthusiasm for the projects embedded with the enchantment about the year closure, holidays.

    And, that assumes you ARE putting final touches to your ADC2018 project for first demonstration during January 5-6, 2019!!

    To reiterate:
    0. These dates & times are NON NEGOTIABLE (Being weekend, a 30 min engagement, from wherever you are, ought to mean this HAS to be POSSIBLE!!)
    1. You are to state if you have any preferred date, time slot amoung these two January 5-6.
    2. Prepare a presentation and demonstration video – together should be about 15 minutes.
    3. You will upload these to the location that will be given to you

    Await keenly

    Warm Wishes

    Team ADC2018


  4. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2018 Teams

    Trust you are in the middle of enthusiastic activities – academically, year signing off celebrations and of course getting your ADC2018 project demonstration ready!!

    Some of you have indicated their preferred day/time slots for 5th of 6th of January. Urge all to do the same. Please note that we will strive to adhere to the time slot preferred by you or close to that, to the extent possible. And, will inform all of you about your slots before the presentation day, so that you can plan.

    Please prepare a presentation. Please get your demonstration video ready.

    Pleased put all their files into a folder “ADC-2018-TeamNumber” and make it a ZIP file and upload. You should NOT upload individual files.

    Upload these to the following location:

    Keenly look forward

    Best Wishes

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2018

  5. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2018 Teams,

    Welcome to 2019. May this last teen year go a long way in defining the rest of the years of your lives!!

    Presume ALL of you have completed (at least the) first round of your project implementations, got your presentations ready, finetuning and rehearsing the delivery.

    ALL of you should upload your presentation and video deminstration at the given location, so that our interaction process can be more efficient.

    Most of you have indicated the preferred days, time slots for our interaction – appreciate it. We shall try to adhere to them to the extent possible – and will update the time slots by 4th 2nd half. There ARE SOME MORE WHO HAVE NOT INDICATED ANY PREFERENCES. We assume that we can allocate ANY TIME SLOT as per the logistics planned.

    Here’s to an exciting preparation..

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2018

  6. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2018 Teams

    Welcome to the penumtimate day of our ‘Semifinals’.

    PLEASE ENSURE that you ARE READY with your demonstration video, presentation, upload – which will make for that much efficient use of your time slot on 5th and 6th.

    Please find here the INDICATIVE TIME PRESENTATION TIME SLOTS for ALL the TEAMS> We tried to keep these as close to what you have preferred to – and hope that your mentors WILL FIND THESE SLOTS to their liking to be present along with ypu

    Please DO COME BACK TO US IMMEDIATELY if you prefer any changes to these slots.

    On 5th and 6th, we shall try to contact you a bit before your slot, to ensure you are ready for the discussion.

    And, please stay tuned here, as we will give further updates, including the skype IDs to connect to etc. as the day goes along.

    Commend your spirit and look forward

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2018

    ADC2018018 5th 2 PM
    ADC2018019 6th 11 AM
    ADC2018020 5th 10 AM
    ADC2018022 6th 12 PM
    ADC2018025 5th 10 AM
    ADC2018028 5th 11 AM
    ADC2018030 6th 10 AM
    ADC2018033 5th 3 PM
    ADC2018037 5th 3 PM
    ADC2018038 6th 12 PM
    ADC2018039 5th 12 PM
    ADC2018043 6th 12 PM
    ADC2018045 6th 1 PM
    ADC2018046 6th 12 PM
    ADC2018047 6th 12 PM
    ADC2018049 5th 3 PM
    ADC2018055 5th 2 PM
    ADC2018058 5th 11 AM
    ADC2018061 6th 10 AM
    ADC2018066 6th 1 PM
    ADC2018073 5th 3 PM
    ADC2018074 5th 10 AM
    ADC2018076 6th 11 AM
    ADC2018078 5th 3 PM
    ADC2018079 6th 10 AM
    ADC2018081 6th 11 AM
    ADC2018084 5th 2 PM
    ADC2018091 6th 10 AM
    ADC2018094 5th 12 PM
    ADC2018095 6th 11AM
    ADC2018099 6th 2 PM
    ADC2018111 5th 11 AM
    ADC2018119 5th 12 PM
    ADC2018120 5th 12 PM
    ADC2018121 5th 12 PM
    ADC2018125 6th 12 PM
    ADC2018150 5th 3 PM
    ADC2018157 6th 11 AM
    ADC2018164 6th 2 PM
    ADC2018166 6th 12 PM
    ADC2018170 5th 10 AM
    ADC2018178 6th 12 PM

  7. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Teams ADC2018

    The D-DAY(s) is here !!

    By now, you will have: Completed your work – first cut demo ready project, Indicated the preferred time slot/day, Prepared your demonstration video & presentation, Uploaded them to the given location, and ARE ready – along with your mentor.

    Please note that while you can directly show your demo and presentation during your presentation time slot, this can – more than likely, mean eating into your allocated time (the duration IS FIXED), due to possible logistical challenges.

    We tried to allocate the time slot as close to what you preferred to have as possible, and indicated them already. Please make note that the actual start can be around that time mentioned (like, say, 15 min after etc.). And, we will indicate the skype ID you should join in. We will call you ahead of your time slot to indicate which ID you should call in and when etc. Please do keep tracking the blog update too..

    Excited to get started…

    Team ADC2018

  8. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Teams ADC2018

    We had the first round of ADC2018’s semifinal round completed today!! Kudos to ALL the teams that participated!! Trust you concur when we say that the sheer experience of interacting with seasoned industry veterans, is so enlighteningly enriching – with so much to take home, think about, build on, learn from their inputs, observations, suggestions. Such experience will go a very long way in making you get even more from your learning, and make you even more ready to face the professional world ahead!! Isn’t this one of those aspects that makes ADC program SO lastingly special, different, invaluable??!!

    The 2nd round of these semifinals is slated for 6th, from 930AM. Hope those of you who are slated for their enriching reviews participate enthusiastically and enrich themselves.

    NOW, there ARE those of you, who have NOT turned up – despite getting what they asked for, in terms of the time slot/day wanted. And, that too, NOT informing before, and excusing out when contacted. Not sure how many of That some of the most seasoned of jurors are sitting there all geared up to guide you, prob you, direct you, seem to be of little (if at all) avail for you. If you reflect on this and improve, it can be good to you for your future!!

    Appreciate your attention, participation and look forward

    Team ADC2018

  9. Hello Sir,
    Can we get the results of the semifinals.
    Thanks and regards

  10. S Uma Mahesh says:

    ADC2018 Teams

    Trust you are back in the thick of things – some completing the exams, some continuing the academics. And, trust for most of you, ADC2018 project is your curriculum project too – making it even more valuable, cherished!!

    Appreciate your participation in ADC2018 semifinals. Believe that your interactions with jurors, along with the review process enriched y our understanding and contributed to making you even better engineer in spirit, and execution!!

    Please find below the ADC2018 semifinal results – the teams that are selected for finals.

    Please note the following:

    * Finals will be held at IIIT Bangalore, during March 9-10, 2019
    * Teams are to present about their work, demonstrate their work and discuss with the jurors in the process
    * Reviews will start from around 930 AM on 9th and will go on till around mid day on 10th.
    * Awards function and valedictory function will be during second half of 10th
    * URGE ALL the teams to participate with mentor – which will add significantly to your performance
    * Teams are to make their own travel and stay arrangements. ACCS is likely to give some guidance options for accommodation, though its teams’ final decisions. Will be good to make your travel arrangements to be there in Bangalore by 8th March night and leave later than evening of 10th March
    * Please feel free to let us know if any inputs/guidance is required related to your project, if/as required.

    Cheers !!

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2018



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