ADC 2018 – Note for Finalists

Dear ADC 2018 Finals Participants

Trust ALL of you are in the process of providing final touchups to your work, and ready to upload the details (In addition to, of course, having made arrangements for your travel, stay, and being here at ADC2018 finals during March 9-10, 2019 @ IIITB). 

As you all know, each team will have (an equivalent of) about 15 minutes for presentation, 15 minutes for demonstration and 15 minutes for interaction – in all up to about 45 minutes.

Please plan your presentations to introduce your idea, indicate how you went about realizing it, what results are achieved and what’s the next phase. Presentation guidelines are as below:

  • Good to keep it less verbose, more illustrative, with engineering details
  • It’s teams’ call as to who will present, what and how
  • Assessment of each team WILL INCLUDE their presentation performance
  • Presentation structure guidelines:
    • SLIDE 1: Title with Students, Mentor, Institution Names  
    • SLIDE 2: Objective (WHAT Challenge you are trying to address) 
    • SLIDE 3: The Need (WHY you think this Challenge is so Important)
    • SLIDE 4: Problem Statement (HIGH-LEVEL VIEW of Solution you are trying to build to address the Challenge)
    • SLIDE 5: Stakeholder Validation (How competitive is the solution offering? Who is the likely customer, target market, why will they pay for this, did you interact with them)
    • SLIDE 6: Engineering Details – Architecture, Design partitioning – HW, SW, System (HOW the Solution is built)
    • SLIDE 7: Implementation – What HW platform used, What SW platform, Why? How?  Issues faced, resolved, learning (HOW the solution is realized)
    • SLIDE 8: Validation – How the design does what it is supposed to do (Approach, Process, Results)
    • SLIDE 9: Value – Sustainability, Scalability, Social Impact (How your offering is market friendly, business friendly, socially responsible)
    • SLIDE 10: What next – Is the work complete? How it can be taken to prospective customers? How it can be improved (Towards practical, profitable, realization and possible commercialization)
  • DEMO: Demonstration of the implementation. Showing that the original concept is practically realized

If you require any special software (other than, Microsoft Office Power Point), it should be ensured by you. If you have any special requirements essential for your presentation, demonstration please do let us know ahead of time

Please note that you WILL have to provide ALL of your presentation, work, demonstration details. Please NAME YOUR work, submissions, with the project ID.  Any time required by you for getting your system, presentation ready for the jury shall be from the overall time allocated to you.

Please upload ALL the information to

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