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  1. S Uma Mahesh says:

    Dear ADC2019 Participants

    ACCS commends your participation in ACCS Student Design Challenge ADC2019, co-located with ADCOM2019, at IIIT Bangalore, during September 5 – 7, 2019. You have taken time, made efforts, at the very beginning of your academic session, to enthusiastically come together as teams, tried giving a presentable shape to your innovative idea, spiritedly presenting to seasoned ADC2019 juries. Visual snippets of the event are available in ACCS website, for your perusal and preservation.

    One unique aspect of ADC is to provide the students as close to real life experience & process – of coining an idea, validating it’s essence, evolve an engineering architecture, map it to implementation, demonstrate the work. With the diligent involvement of seasoned professionals in this process through out, there is otherwise not quite feasible learning at each step of each stage. Thus independent of the distance you come along the process, it contributes to the process of you becoming better engineers, and your institution, more acclaimed.

    Trust you agree with this and will enrich yourself, make yourself more future ready by becoming member of ACCS and be part of the noble mission.

    List of teams qualified for the next round of ADC2019 are given here.As detailed, teams’ selection is based on a combination of factors – The idea, its relevance, implementation plan, team’s capabilities to realize it, the timelines, and suitability of all these to the program calendar. We will communicate specific jury observations where present, to the respective teams.

    We will communicate more details about the next phase process to the qualified teams.

    Look forward to interacting with you ..

    S Uma Mahesh
    Team ADC2019

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