ADCOM 2016 – Call for Papers

The Advanced Computing and Communication Society (ACCS) in association with PES University, Bangalore announces the 22nd annual International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications (ADCOM 2016) at Bangalore during 8th -10th September 2016.

ACCS is a registered scientific society in India founded to offer a forum to individuals, institutions and industry to promote and disseminate their innovative and pioneering work in Computing and Communications Sciences. ADCOM, the flagship Systems Conference of the ACCS, is a major annual international meeting that draws leading scientists and researchers in computational and communications engineering from across industry and academia.

ADCOM 2016 highlights the growing importance of Large Scale Systems Engineering and provides the platform to share, discuss and witness leading edge research and trends. The central theme of this year’s meeting is Machine Learning Applications to build on the IOT and Smart Cities themes explored in the earlier editions of the conference.

Machine Learning (ML) was introduced in the late 1950’s as a technique for Artificial Intelligence. Over time, its focus has evolved and shifted more to algorithms which are computationally viable and robust. ML has enabled cognitive systems to learn, reason and engage with us in a more natural and personalized way. This rapidly developing field of representation learning is concerned with questions surrounding on how best we can learn meaningful and useful representations of data. Consequently, performance of machine learning methods is heavily dependent on the choice of data representation on which they are applied. ML applications will lead to new breakthroughs that will amplify our abilities in taking correct timely decisions and help us solve many seemingly unsolvable problems with innovative algorithms and techniques. ADCOM 2016 seeks researchers, engineers and practitioners to present state-of-art advances and innovations in Machine Learning Applications and debate recent status of the research and direct further developments.

ADCOM 2016 calls for original, high impact research papers and case studies on topics related to ML Applications, implementation issues, software platforms, hardware – applications in vision, audio, speech, natural language processing, robotics, neuroscience or any other field but not limited to:

  • Theoretical Foundations
  • Novel Learning paradigms
  • Semi-supervised learning
  • Collective Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Online/real-time learning
  • Optimization methods for ML
  • Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Distributed Systems for ML
  • Resource Constrained ML
  • ML on multi-modal data: Audio, Image, Video, Text, etc.

ML Applications in :

  • IoT and cyber physical systems
  • Smart Cities
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • e-Governance
  • Robotics and embedded systems
  • Manufacturing and Design
  • Computational Social Sciences
  • Complex Networks Analysis
  • Systems biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Education
  • Secure Systems Engineering

Important Dates:

  • Technical Papers Sought by 30 April 2016 20 May 2016
  • Acceptance Communicated by 30 June 2016
  • Full Papers due by 30 July 2016

Authors are required to submit their papers using EasyChair –
All accepted and presented papers would be digitally archived through IEEE Xplore.

For more information on the Conference

Phone Number: +91 80 2630 7142
Secretary, ADCOM 2016
Advanced Computing & Communications Society
Gate #2, C. V. Raman Avenue
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India

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