ADCOM 2016 Programme

8 September 2016 [Day 1] THURSDAY

Track 1 (Hall1) Track 2 (Hall 2) Track 3 (Hall 3)
09:00 AM Tutorial Registration * Workshop participation is restricted to registered ADCOM 2016 delegates only.
09:30 AM Deep Learning
Vineeth Balasubramaniam, IIT Hyderabad
A Hands-on Workshop on Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure
Dr. Sanjeev Gurugopinath , PES University ( )
Workshop on Power Optimization in High-Performance Computing
Sumit Kumar Saurav, CDAC ( )

Inaugural Session of ADCOM 2016

02:00 PM Registration
02:30 PM High Tea
03:30 PM Invocation
03:35 PM Welcome Dr. KNB Murthy, PES University
03:45 PM Conference Chair Dr. S. Rajagopalan, IIITB
03:55 PM Inaugural Address  Padma Vibhushan Dr. Vasudev K. Aatre
04:15 PM ACCS – CDAC Awards Event
04:25 PM Conference Keynote Dr. S. Sadagopan, IIITB
04:40 PM Presidential remarks Prof. D. Jawahar, PES University
04:50 PM Vote of Thanks Dr. Saragur Srinidhi, ACCS
05:10 PM ACCS – CDAC Foundation Lecture
Have I Designed What I Desired? – Intent Verification of Safety Critical Embedded Controls Software
Dr. P. P. Chakrabarti
06:00 PM Cultural Evening “Kamsa Vadhe” a Yakshagana Recital by Yaksha Sinchana
07:00 PM Dinner

10th September 2016, Saturday [Day 2] – Plenary Sessions

Time Programme
09:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Session Chair: Dr. Ram Rustagi, CS Dept., PES University Session Chair: Dr. A. Srinivas, ECE Dept., PES University
Frequent Pattern Mining approach to Image Compression
– Kadimisetty Avinash, Oswald C and Sivaselvan B. – Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing Kancheepuram
Workload Characterization and Green Scheduling on Heterogeneous Clusters
– Aarti Jivrajani, Apoorva K H and Dhanya Raghu – PES Institute of Technology
Google Search by Quantum Computation Method
– Bhawani Shankar Leelar, Shivaleela E S and Srinivas Talabattula – Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Power and Performance Modeling of Scientific Applications for Energy Optimization in High Performance Computing
– Ganga Prasad G. L., H. V. Raghu – CDAC Bangalore
Stock Market Prediction using Optimum Threshold based Relevance Vector Machines
– Karthik HS, Nishant VA and Manikandan J. – PES University, Bangalore; Fractal Analytics, Bangalore
Accelerating Occupancy Grid Map Computation with GPU for Real-Time Obstacle Detection
– Sriramprasath, Sudha Natarajan and Binsu J Kailath – Tata Elxsi, Chennai; IIITDM, Kancheepuram
Study of Wireless Channel effects on Audio Forensics
– Deepu Vijayasenan, Shareef Babu Kalluri, Sreekanth K and Ansal Issac – NITK Surathkal
Design of a Framework for Knowledge Analytics
– Pallavi Karanth, Center for Knowledge Analytics and Ontological Engineering (KAnOE), PES University, Bangalore & Guide: Dr. Kavi Mahesh, Dean Research, PES University
Novel Algorithmic Strategies and Models for Optimized Management in Cloud Services
– Bidisha Goswami – PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore South Campus & Guide: Dr. Snehanshu Saha
10:45 AM Tea Break
11:00 AM IIITB Keynote Identifying (Some) Bad Actors in Social Media
Dr. V. S. Subrahmanyam, University of Maryland
11:45 AM BEL Keynote Block Chain: The Revolutionary Trust Protocol
Dr. Raj Jain, University of Washington, St. Louis
12:30 PM Keynote Natural Language Processing in E-Commerce: A Case Study
Harish Karnick, IITK
01:15 PM Lunch
02:00 PM Keynote Goal-directed Knowledge Graphs
Partha Talukdar, Indian Institute of Science
02:45 PM Keynote Applying Deep Image and Text Parsing At E-commerce Scale
Vijay Gabale, Huew
03:30 PM Keynote The Energy-Transportation Nexus & the Emergence of Cognitive IOT Systems
Dr. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, IBM Research – India
04:15 PM Keynote Bridge Correlational Neural Networks for Multilingual Multimodal Representation Learning
Dr. B. Ravindran, IITM, Chennai
05:00 PM ADCOM 2016 Valedictory