ADCOM 2017 – Blockchain Innovation JAM session

The Blockchain Innovation Challenge at ADCOM 2017

“Chance favors the connected mind.”  – Steven Johnson, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation

While curating the conference, it was critical for us to ensure that our delegates not only develop a deep appreciation of the technology but also are able to systematically envisage numerous possibilities and take bold steps to get their ideas see the light of the day. We believe, it is at the intersection of multiple technologies and creative problem exploration that solutions emerge that lead to an exponential benefit to the society.

During the conference, you would dive deep into the nuances blockchain technology. From Blockchain fundamentals, Industrial applications, Digital India, the convergence of blockchain with technologies like Cloud & Artificial Intelligence, Network Security, Crypto Currencies, we have covered it all. The conference will empower you to develop a thorough understanding of the Blockchain’s ecosystem and help you gain depth with technical papers on the technology. This leads to the Blockchain Innovation Challenge, with Jam sessions where we connect all the concepts and learnings and move forward to build use cases to visualize how these technologies will harness themselves.

Ensure that you follow the below three steps and the innovator in you is destined to win some cool, exciting prizes! And we don’t stop there, winning ideas would get an opportunity to have business cases built and mentored by Dr. Pavan Soni of Inflexion Point – A Strategy and innovation consultancy.

In addition, the winning idea and the team will be featured in the incredibly popular Advanced Computing and Communications Journal. Your idea and voice will have a life of its own!

Step 1

During the conference, extensively to note down the key takeaways, insights and inspirations for each session of the conference. This includes a prep talk on Innovation and Creativity. The themes track during the Innovation Jam would be based on the constructs of the conference talks.
Quality of your notes will hold a lot of weight during final evaluation of your winning idea.

Step 2

Form groups and leverage the inspirations during the Innovation Jamming session. Allow yourself to loosen up and let your imagination run wild on Saturday Evening. Facilitated ideation will crystalize your inspiration and broad ideas into meaningful use cases.

Step 3

Talks during the day help you refine your use cases and on Sunday noon, prototype your idea using visual storytelling. Each group will be assigned mentors to navigate the unchartered waters of the blockchain technology. In the end, you present the prototypes to the jury and win some fabulous cash equivalent prizes. For the winning idea, you get to develop it further and shape your proposal. Also, you get featured in the Advanced Computing and Communications Journal.


  • An eminent Jury evaluates and assigns scores on your notes and the final prototype. They get to have a 50% say in the winning idea.
  • Your peers rank you based on your presentation. 50% weightage.

Fabulous Prizes

  • Winner: INR 30,000 cash equivalent vouchers that you can use anywhere from Amazon to Flipkart and most of the e-commerce platforms. Go ahead and spoil yourself with choices. 3 sessions to help you build your business model with Inflexion Point and get mentored.
  • The First runner up gets INR 15,000 cash equivalent vouchers.
  • Five excellent concepts: Five teams get INR 5000 cash equivalent vouchers per team.

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