AI Innovation Jam at ADCOM 2018

As part of ACCS ADCOM 2018, we are hosting an Innovation JAM with the focus on ideas that leverage “Artificial Intelligence and Associated Technologies” for the benefit of our society. As you might already know, there are significant efforts being put by various corporates to this end – Google AI, AI4Good, Microsoft’s AI for Good and our efforts as part of this JAM is to focus on ideas that might benefit our society in the areas of Resilience & Sustainability, Safety & Justice and Accessibility & Assistive.


  • Only Registered Participants of ADCOM 2018 are allowed to join this Innovation Jam. To register, click here.
  • Innovators are required to introduce the title / objective of their idea / work (aligned to any one of the below 3 challenges) on 22nd Sep at 11:00am.
  • Like-minded Innovators focusing on same / similar ideas to form teams (of maximum 5 members), on the sidelines of the conference.
  • Innovators (and their teams) to work on their idea / solution (presentation, proof-of-concept, etc.) to any one of the below 3 challenges from 22nd Sep 11:00am to 23rd Sep 11:00am
  • Innovators (and their teams) to present a 60-sec elevator pitch of their proposed work to the audience on 22nd Sep, 3:00pm.
  • Innovators (and their teams) to present a 1-min teaser video of their work to the audience on 23rd Sep, 11:00am.
  • Innovators (and their teams) to present / demo (time limit: 5 minutes) their creations to the audience on 23rd Sep, 2:00pm. 
  • All the submissions (60-sec elevator pitch, 1-min teaser video, final presentation / demo) would be judged by a panel of domain leaders and the top 5 solutions would be recognized at the event


  • Winning Team: INR 25,000 cash equivalent vouchers that you can use on e-commerce platforms. Go ahead and spoil yourself with choices.
  • The First runner up gets INR 15,000 cash equivalent vouchers.
  • Three excellent concepts: Three teams get INR 5,000 cash equivalent vouchers per team.

    In addition, the prize-winning teams will:

    • Get featured in the Advanced Computing and Communications Journal
    • Receive $20 worth Gallup Codes for taking Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment
    • Get an opportunity to be mentored by IIITB-IMACX


Resilience: How might we use Artificial Intelligence (and its associated technologies) to help “First Responders (Emergency Service Workers)” address natural disasters & emergencies – Prevention, Preparedness, Response & Recovery?


Safety & Justice: How might we use Artificial Intelligene (and its associated technologies) to help “Law Enforcement (police, lawyers)” ensure law & order / safety & justice – prevention, protection, prosecution, rehabilitation?


Accessibility & Assistive: How might we use Artificial Intelligene (and its associated technologies) to help “Challenged Individuals (physically, mentally) & their Caretakers” enjoy independence – Access, Independence, Livelihood, Inclusion?

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  1. KP says:


    Didn’t receive any confirmation after registration.
    Will the demo be given to those attending the ADCOM conference or will it be for the attendees of the AI Innovation jam?
    Also address has not been shared.


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