Ajay Joshi

Talk at ADC 2016

Title: The new frontier for semiconductor growth

Abstract: The automotive market is approaching 10% of total world semiconductor sales with approximately 100 million cars expected to be manufactured annually by 2017. A state-of-the-art vehicle today includes more than 100 intelligent subsystems and that number is set to grow to more than 150. Electronics is now the fundamental driver in delivering differentiation that sells vehicles. In this talk we look at the various opportunities in the automotive market that will drive growth in the semiconductor industry.

ajay-joshiBio: Ajay Joshi leads the CPU benchmarking activity in ARM’s CPU Products Group. Ajay holds a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin and a MS from the Ohio State University. Ajay has published 30+ papers in IEEE and ACM conferences and journals and holds patents in CPU performance benchmarking.