ARM Student Design Contest 2015 – Note for Participants

1. Your presentation will be on 18-09-2015, spread through the day.
2. You must come ready with the presentation – to avail the opportunity the best.
3. You have to make your own arrangements for accommodation. We have worked out special deals with Ginger, IIT Madras & Westin, Velachery. You can also try the OYO Rooms folks for some near by possible accommodations.
4. INVALUABLE OPPORTUNITY to ARM Design Contest Selected Team – You are invited to attend the conference on 19-20 September, at a nominal registration fees of Rs. 1000/- per person.
5. Kindly carry a govt. issued identity card for verification at the event.


Thank you for your submission into this year’s ACCS ARM Design Contest at ADCOM 2015.

1. The final list of proposals selected for presentation at ADCOM 2015 has been posted.
2. Only the title of the proposal and names of the team members have been included.
3. A plenary session for the contestants will be held on 18th September, Friday at 9:30 AM in Room CS25, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras, Chennai.  After the plenary session, presentations will be held in parallel tracks based on application domain in rooms CS14, CS15 and CS16. The room assignments will be posted at the venue.
4. Participants must register on-line at (ADCOM 2015 Registration). Each member of the team attending the event has to register individually. Mentors are welcome to participate and must also register.
5. Please register early so that we can manage the logistics more efficiently
6. Each project presentation should not have more than 6 slides in total. Here’s how we would like your presentations organized. Keep the presentations Short (Describe Idea in Few Words) and Crisp (Convey Idea Clearly and Consequently Quickly). Each presenting Team gets 7 minutes. Use Pictures, Images, schematics instead of Text on Slides. It would make sense to have all members of a team along with their mentor be at the presentation, but it is not mandatory. Only one member need present the slides.

Slides should have the following Sections

SLIDE 1: Title with Student and Mentor Names – 15 secs for audience to read

SLIDE 2: Objective (WHAT Challenge you are trying to address) and the Need (WHY

SLIDE 3: Problem Statement (HIGH-LEVEL VIEW of System you are trying to build

SLIDE 4: Structural and Functional details (HOW the System is going to be built) – 2

SLIDE 5: Merits of your System (Solution) with regard to alternatives or as seen on its

SLIDE 6: Identify the stakeholders who would be able to enable you to take your you think this Challenge is so Important) – 2 min for you to present to address the Challenge) – 1 min for you to present min for you to present own (WHY you think your Solution should be considered for the particular Challenge it  is intended to address) – 1 min for you to present
proposal into a useful and beneficial device/product for society. Stake-holders would
ideally be: (1) Users of your device/product, (2) Governmental or Municipal and/or
Private Governing Authorities/Agencies in charge of the Civic Services/Amenities
Space with which the Application Space of your device/product might overlap (as
would a device having to do with transport, traffic, medicine and agriculture, to name a
few) and (3) Existing Industries, such as the car or the medical industry, for instance, if
your device had anything to do with traffic, transportation or drug delivery.

DEMO (Optional): Demo of sorts, if applicable or ready – 1 min for you to present

You need to have the panel of judges at buy into your proposal or idea to be able to get through to the 25 Best Proposals that will further be supported with hardware.

We are hoping that each of you will sit through all the proposal presentations in your group. It will help you to know what others think about your proposal or idea.

Once again, thanks for participating in the Student Design Contest and all the best from each of us at this ACCS ARM Student Design Contest!