ARM Student Design Contest – Short listed proposals for presentation at ADCOM 2015

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  1. srujan B says:

    As our proposal has been listed in the above list
    Shld we start preparing for the presentation or we will get any confirmation mail or an invitation form the organizer

  2. shabarinath premlal says:

    Dear ARM,
    As we seen that Important Dates:Proposals sought by August 15, 2015, But you finalized some proposal before the deadline. I would like to know how you rated the proposal before the dead line, Because some of our students(around 8 batches) also planned to propose by today only. whats the best solution that you can provide them.
    What about the the students who are all applying today.
    Shabarinath premlal

  3. kanimozhi says:

    Dear sir
    We are working for the ARM Student Design contest for more than 10 days, We saw last date to apply is 15th August. (Note: Please email your proposals no later than August 15 2015, clearly marked “ARM Design Contest 2015″ at the top center of the first page, to: along with the signed agreement.) but I saw that proposals are short listed before the dead line, This make us to think different, If I applies I may get shortlisted or not. Can you justify it. we worked seriously for more than 10 days. This makes me to depress.


  4. Daksh says:

    When will you post the final list ?
    We should get a “confirmation of submission” whenever we sent the proposal.

  5. Puneet Kale says:

    please can you provide me to submit my proposal on Monday because of my health issue I am unable to submit on date can get time .

  6. Puneet Kale says:

    can i get the time

  7. Prajwal Bhat says:

    It would have been better if a CONFIRMATION mail was sent once we submitted our abstract. Because we have worked a lot on it and in the end we are not even sure if its being considered even though we have submitted before the deadline.

    Prajwal Bhat

  8. munna says:

    yesterday i have sent my proposal to the respected mail mentioned and eagerly waiting for to see my proposal in short list

  9. chaithu says:

    Dear sir
    some of the names of our teammates was missed in the above list.please refer to those names from the submitted proposals and release the list with all teammates names,so that they will not be disappointed.
    waiting for your positive reply..

  10. Chetan says:

    Dear sir,
    We have submitted our proposal on 15th of august and short listing was done on 13th august itself but you have mentioned that we can still submit submit the proposals on 15th of august.So, please make it clear whether the short listed students are final or will there be any other short listing procedure because we have worked on it for many days and we are still waiting for your response

  11. Krishna says:

    Dear sir
    From the above given list of group members,some of names were please see the proposals carefully and update all the batch numbers again because those who didn’t get their names were disappointed now.
    Waiting eagerly for your positive reply..

    • shubham sharma says:

      dear sir,
      our project has been shortlisted in the above list,
      but we have not received any confirmation email from your end. is any other final list is going to come???
      should we start preparing for the presentation?
      the venue and programme schedule for the presentation is not known yet.
      waiting for your reply..

  12. shubham sharma says:

    Dear sir,
    Our name is there in the above list of shortlisted candidates but we have not received any confirmation from your end. Is the list final?should we start preparing for the presentation or we have to wait until we receive any confirmation email or for some final list.
    The venue, timings and the schedule for presentation is not known yet..
    Please reply

  13. Anuradha says:

    when can i expect the final short list?? please update it soon

  14. Swati Gita says:

    when do we expect the second slot short lists ?

  15. shabarinath premlal says:

    Dear ARM,

    Our teams have proposed for ARM Student Design Contest 2015, We have not received any update for short listed students, If our teams are short listed we can start work for the same, Can you update us please , Because this helps many students.

  16. Tareesh Kamath says:


    There is a small mistake in the list above, No 79 , the dynamic traffic management system team name is not the same as the project. I assume it was a proposal sent in by us since we have the same title. Please let me know how to get that changed . It was sent in by
    Sujit H R, Sumanth Karanth , Tareesh Kamath and Viviek vellore.

  17. Priyank Agrawal says:

    Our team has been shortlisted (no. 33) for the competition but there hasn’t been any confirmation mail from your side yet. It would be great if you could confirm our selection for the presentation and steps to be followed ahead.

  18. Prajwal Bhat says:

    Our team is shortlisted(no. 110) for second round of presentation. We have certain doubts regarding next round, especially about the implementation round(as nothing is mentioned about when it will be held) and there is no proper help line no. so please help us out . (08123728126)

    Prajwal Bhat

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