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One of the critical components of the product realization process is the engineering design, which deserves a special attention in the engineering education to better prepare engineers to meet the demands of the industry. As technologies are evolving and changing very fast, the task of designing a new product or system is becoming very much difficult and challenging. Apart from the complexity of design and engineering, the problem is also to understand user needs and preferences, many of them untold or implicit needs, and then translating those to product development specifications and features.

Design Thinking is the new paradigm of approach to solving complex problems. Designing products and solutions fall in this category – be it design of an electronic product, or architecting and constructing a bridge, or designing a new motorway to ease traffic congestion around a city.

The talk shall focus on the need and importance of addressing the vital gap between the fundamentals taught in the class room and their applications in Product/System Realization through the understanding of the Design Paradigms.  It shall provide some insights into how to leverage the theoretical learning and ‘integration of comprehensive design experience with Engineering Curriculum’ with examples of application.

Speaker Profile

Kishor Narang, Mentor & Principal Design Architect, Narnix Technolabs Pvt. ltd.

Mr. Kishor Narang is Technology Consultant, Mentor & Design Architect in Electrical, Electronics & ICT with over 40 years of professional experience in education, research, design and consulting. Over 30 years of hardcore Research and Design Development Experience in Solutions, Systems, Products, Hardware, Software & Firmware (Embedded Software) in fields of Industrial, Power, IT, Telecom, Medical, Energy and Environment, and over 10 years of Consultancy Experience to different segments of business & industry.  He has over 250 Research & Design Mentees in the Electronics, ICT & STI Ecosystems. Professionally, he is an Electronics Design Engineer practicing design & development of a wide spectrum of Products, Systems & Solutions as an Independent Design House – NARNIX since 1981.

For last 10 years, Kishor is deeply involved in Standardization in the Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Information Technology Domains with focus on identifying gaps in Standards to address Interoperable Systems & Solutions Deployments and bring harmonization by defining standardization.

Session will be moderated by Mr. Jailendra Kumar, Vice President, ACCS.

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5th January 2021


1730 – 1830

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