Eberhard Hechler

eberhard-hechlerEberhard is an Executive Architect from the IBM Boeblingen R&D Lab in Germany. He is currently on a 3-year assignment to IBM Singapore, working as the Lead Architect in the SWG Communications Sector for IBM ASEAN.

After a 2.5 year international assignment to the IBM Kingston Development Lab in New York, he has worked in software development, performance optimization and benchmarking, IT/solution architecture and design, and technical consultancy. In 1992, he began to work with DB2 for MVS, focusing on testing and performance measurements of new DB2 versions. Since 1999, he concentrates on Information Management and DB2 on distributed platforms.

His main expertise includes the areas of Enterprise Information Architecture, IT architectures and industry solutions, information integration and MDM, DB2 performance optimization, physical data modelling and data placement, and information system and technical solution architecture.

Eberhard Hechler is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, the IBM InfoSphere Architecture Board, and the IBM Asset Architecture Board. He co-authored the books “Enterprise Master Data Management” (Pearson plc, 2008), ISBN-10: 0132366258, and “The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture” (Pearson plc, 2010), ISBN-10:0137035713.

  • ADCOM 2013 Keynote Presentation