Gopi Kumar Bulusu

Talk at ADCOM 2016

Title: Synthetic Processors and Application Optimized Computing


The convergence of computing in the cloud has led to the emergence of multi-million-node data centres. Cost and power considerations for such data centres directly impact the profitable operations of several global organizations such as Facebook and YouTube.

Emerging experiential application patterns from social interaction to e-governance require optimization of data centre nodes for specific experiences such as augmented reality or multi-lingual speech interaction. The recent acquisition of ARM by Softbank of Japan shows the critical need for highly optimized server farms to run a range of applications.

Node optimization through application optimized processors establishes a clear path to save on the cost of computing and reduces overall power consumption. However, designing application optimized processors along with the associated software and system stack can be an intractable challenge.

This session speaks of Synthetic Processors for application optimized computing as a way forward for building large-scale high-performance systems of the future. The session will also discuss research opportunities in emerging HPC modeling languages and standards to drive programmer productivity as well as high performance, low cost, low power computing of the future.


gopi-kumar-bulusuGopi Kumar Bulusu
CTO, Sankhya Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Gopi Kumar Bulusu is the CEO and Chief Technologist at Sankhya Technologies Private Limited. He is an acknowledged expert in the areas of distributed computing and embedded systems. He holds 5 granted US patents in addition to several pending patent applications in the field of computer science. Gopi Bulusu is a founder member of Sankhya Technologies as a garage start-up in the year 1996. Prior to 1996, he was a senior software engineer in the embedded software division of Mentor Graphics Corporation, where he was a member of a core team that created one of the industry’s first C++ compilers for Motorola 68k processors. Gopi’s work at Mentor resulted in 2 US patents.

He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Arizona State University (1992-93) and a Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from College of Engineering, Guindy (1990).