International Conference on Communications, Convergence, and Broadband Networking (ICCBN) was started by ACCS in 2003 and was known as ICBN (International Conference on Broadband Networking). In the later years, ‘Communications’ stepped-in and secured a place in the conference. ICCBN conference aims to provide a premier forum for researchers, industry practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent ideas, innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the emerging areas of Communications, Convergence, and Broadband Networking.

ICCBN is a platform where industry leaders present their perspective and share their views on design, development, deployment, direction and regulation of existing and emerging communications and networking technologies that facilitate access, move and storage of network information and content.

Today communications landscape is changing very rapidly. Mobile phones are becoming necessity with people of all age / income groups. Broadband connections are on increase. Internet is connecting the world in a way no one would have imagined a decade back. A very large number of communications-enabled applications and services are becoming available. Truly, the future belongs to communications converged world.

The conference has a unique blend of invited talks by leaders from Telecom / Networking / Media industry, presentations based on development and research done in research labs, Academic institutes, and Industry, Tutorials on emerging technologies, and workshops on special topics.

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