Kamsa Vadhe – Yakshagana by Yaksha Sinchana

Kamsa Vadhe

Kamsa vadhe is the story of Srikrishna killing his cruel maternal uncle Kamsa. One day Kamsa plans to kill his enemy SriKrishna and calls his chief minister Akroora and orders him to go to Brindavan and invite and bring Krishna and Balaram to Mathura for the festival of fight (Billa habba). Akroora walks towards Brindavan to meet his favourite God Sri Krishna.

Srikrishna at Brindavan enters into his court session as usual. Akroora being one of the follower of Srikrishna enters with heavy heart and conveys Srikrishna, the truth in Kamsa’s message. But Srikrishna happily accepts the invitation and makes the necessary preparation for the travel.

Sri krishna, Balaram and Akroora started their journey towards Madhurai. On the way they meet an arrogant Washerman by name RAJAKA of Kamsa’s court. The washerman talks rudely and quarrel with Krishna and Balaram. He was then killed by Krishna-Balaram in the fight.

Krishna Balaram enters into a place where all the weapons were kept, they destroy all of them. Kamsa on the other hand sends his supporters & famous devils namely CHANURA and MUSTIKA to kill Krishna-Balaram. But they were killed by Krishna-Balaram in the fight.
Kamsa was very angry on Krishna-Balaram. When they come near to Kamsa there happens some ironical conversations. Finally Kamsa was killed by Krishna-Balaram in the fight. Kamsa’s father Ugrasena was then relieved from jail (Kamsa had kept him in jail) and he was made to become the king of Mathura again.

About Yakshagana

Yakshagana is a typical complete Indian traditional art. A musical dance drama very popular in coastal and Malenadu regions of Indian southern state – Karnataka. It is believed to have evolved from pre-classical music and theatre.

Yakshagana is a traditional theatre form combining dance, music, actor created dialogues, costume-makeup, and stage technique with a distinct style. Being a theatre form, unlike a dance form, it is more plural and dynamic. It has its own style of integrating stories in the form of Kannada lyrics synchronizing dance, music and conversations. Actors wear costumes and enact various roles.

One essential element of representation consisted of MUSIC and other DANCE. The dance elements had good support from percussion instruments like Chande, Maddale and Cymbals. The essence of the drama was conveyed to the audience in prose which is dependent on the textual content of the songs.

The themes for the play are normally based on Indian Hindu ethics – Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bhagavatha and the Puranas. The creative art form Yakshagana with its rich costumes, dance and music has great potential but the people have yet to realize its greatness.

About Yaksha Sinchana Trust

A group of likeminded amateur artists who were keen in Learning, Campaigning and Nourishment of the proud art form of Karnataka, constructed Yaksha Sinchana Trust in the year 2009. The team is uniquely growing by emphasising on the practice and study, ultimately aiming at quality shows. Team has been instrumental in presenting the traditional threads of yakshagana such as Poorvaranga, Oddolagas, Yuddha Nruthya etc. which are slowly disappearing in the field of professional yakshagana. Team has given over hundred programs all over the state and it has been recognized as one of the best yakshagana teams in Bengaluru.

Artists of the team are employed in different enterprises. They are working in different fields as Hotel businessmen, Software engineers, professors, students etc., and regularly attend the yakshagana classes conducted by Yaksha guru Sri K. Krishnamurthy Thunga. Many team members are taking part in different programs the teacher also. Few team members participated with Yakshakala Academy of Mr. K. Krishnamurthy Thunga and won THIRD and FIRST prize and SIX individual prizes in the state level yakshagana competition organized at Udupi in the year 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Team is constantly making attempts to safeguard and transfer the traditional folds of yakshagana to the future generation. Rare yakshagana prasangas are studied and presented under the able direction of guru Mr. K. Krishnamurthy Thunga and the guidance of other experts every year. Team identifies worthy achievers of professional yakshagana and honours them with SARTHAKA-SADHAKA award every year.

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