Mathematical Foundation for Machine Learning (Part 1 – Linear Algebra)

About the course

Machine Learning, Data Science, the buzzwords for a decade now, depends extensively on Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Optimization techniques.

Linear Algebra is  an important math skill in machine learning and beginners interested in data science must familiarize themselves with essential concepts in linear algebra. With Linear Algebra playing a predominant role in many applications, this course focuses on foundations of Linear Algebra and in a way what Sheldon Axler calls it as “Linear Algebra Done Right”.

During the course, the participants will be exposed to geometric perspective to linear algebra and key ideas of vector spaces and basis, eigen decomposition, singular value decomposition along with applications.

This on-line course presents live lectures, tutorials, assignments and visualizations / demonstrations in addition to regular assessments and final certification exam.

Course Contents

  • System of Equations and Interpretation in terms of column vectors, elementary row operations – geometric interpretations and applications
  • Vector Spaces, Subspaces, Linear Independence, Basis, Dimension, Linear Transformations, Orthogonality and Gram-Schmidt Orthonormalization algorithms,
  • Real symmetric matrices, diagonalization, Singular value decomposition.
  • Applications of Linear Algebra including PCA, Data Compression, Data Sciences and others

This course is the first in the series of 4 courses that build the foundational structure for a career in Data Science. We will cover other ML foundation courses in Probability / Statistics and Optimization techniques in this series.

Course Duration : 40 hours

Course Instructors

Dr Arulalan Rajan and Dr Ashok Rao are leading trainers in the field of Machine Learning.

Course Fees

This course carries a fee of Rs. 9000 plus any applicable taxes. Life Members of ACCS can avail a 20% discount and 10% for other categories of membership. 

A group discount of 10% can be availed for a group of 5 or more participants through an institution or a corporate group.

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