Presentations selected for next stage

Students did an excellent job of preparing and presenting their designs for the ARM Design Contest at ADCOM 2014 event. The following fourteen projects have been selected for the next level of the contest where the students have to present the final results achieved around mid-January. The exact date and venue for the event will be intimated later.

  1. Google Air by Dinesh R, Thangaraj M, Yuvaraj, Mentor: Dr.R.Sivakumar, Sent: S. Ramasamy, RMK Engineering College, Chennai
  2. Monitoring and control of metrowater distribution system using multiple sensor fusion & IOT by Abirami.g, Jaya shree.m, Jeevitha.n, Mentor: S. Ramaswamy, RMK Engineering College, Chennai
  3. Extensive Monitoring and Control of LOC by Multiple Autonomous Drones by M.Padmanabhan,M.S.Ganeshmurthy,Kotha Nagarjuna, Mentor: G.R.Suresh, Easwari Engineering College, Chennai
  4. Intelligent Helmet For Bike Riders by Jayakumar G, Jaising Anand P, Jidhun Das I M, Mentor: K Deepa, Mahendra Engineering College,Namakkal
  5. WiTCH – Wireless Switch by Arjun K V. Nithya C H, Abhishek B, PESIT, Bangalore.
  6. Guard of Fields, K Srinath, Kumar Vishal Rai, Aashish Rana, Mentor: Sh Philemon Daniel P, NIT, Hamirpur
  7. Chakshu: rfid based shopping assistant for visually impaired people by Ankita Gulati, Fatema Motiwala, Daffodils, Mentor: S N S Reddy, IGDTUW
  8. Smart-tracking system for children by Ankita Rustagi, Astha Singh, Mansi Tripathi, Anjali Kain, IGDTUW
  9. An ARM Cortex based Disaster Monitoring System by Amoghavarsha U T, Jyoti Raj Chouhan, Kambham Vivek Shankar, Saurabh Dharangaonkar, Mentor: M B Srinivas, BITS, Hyderabad Campus
  10. An Arm Controller Based Real Time Tracking System by Gagandeep Kaur, Depa Tejasree, Sanya Mathew, Tarani Gaur, Mentor: M B Srinivas, BITS, Hyderabad
  11. Credit-based Solar Powered Plastic Recycling Bin by M Prajval Kumar, R Hariharan, Shreyas Prakash, NIT, Tiruchirapalli
  12. Monitoring and Tracking System for School Cabs by Rachana R, Shilpa Rani, Sujatha, Preethi, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  13. Design of Embedded Systems for the Automation of Drip Irrigation by M Lahari, K Aruna, S Ramababu, Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering, Tadepalligudem
  14. Healthcare – Wearable Devices by Vemishetty Naresh, Mentor: Amit Acharya, Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad


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