Role of Technology in provision of Security

Security is a global concern today due to insurgency, terrorism, social and political tension everywhere. Although this concern can be fully addressed by harmonizing the aspirations of the disparate social and political classes, the technical community have an obligation to provide solutions to the problem of enforcing security, much the same way as it has done to bring people together by providing telecommunication and internet to the individual finger tips. Elegance of technology solution to a problem (particularly in the area of Security) lies in the fact that it can be implemented to provide pre-emptive action rather than a reactionary after action.

Today the security takes multiple dimensions including but not limited to the following:
• Border control of nations
• Physical and Perimeter security
• Critical Infrastructure security
• Cyber and Information Security
• Economical and Financial security

Truly, these can be implemented using a number of methods such as:
• Secure Communication (Voice, Data, Text and Multimedia)
• Identity Establishment and Verification
• Use of intelligent Sensors for Interception and Surveillance
• Data and Video Analytics for gathering Intelligence
• Data/Information aggregation
• Accurate Forensic analysis as a way of building Security database
• Creating a prognostic Security framework from the database of learning

These methods open up new vistas of opportunity of technology innovation with some even taking the form of invention. There is no deliberate effort to limit the taxonomy of technology, rather it is intended to keep it open ended so that SIG can throw up not only the technology areas but also the state of art in each of the areas.

ACCS, committed to the cause of furthering Computing and Communications technology, invites the opinion and information from the fraternity on what the state of art is in security technologies. The deliberations of this forum will be abstracted into a whitepaper which will be published as a public document and contribution of the participants will be duly acknowledged.

Let’s make this world a secure place for ourselves and the future generations!

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  1. Luke says:

    I always try to keep my self as secure as possible. If i’m at home I don’t password project my devices but if I go out in public I do and I make it a long and complicated password. Just don’t want to get my things nicked.

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