The Rules and Regulations for ARM Design Challenge 2016

  1. Proposals after the due date will not be considered.
  2. The following documents are to be submitted as part of the Proposal.
    1. Completed Check List “ADC2016_Check_List”
    2. Letter from the Institute with HOD’s authorization of Team, Theme and Names of the Members
    3. Proposal to cover aspects of System, HW, SW details. .
    4. Time line the format Provided ADC_2016_Project_Plan_XXXX  where xxxx is the  Institute Name
  3. The number of students per team is limited to 3.
  4. The students can use any Cortex M Series Platform from any manufacturer/vendor.
  5. There will be NO financial support to the teams during the initial rounds of the contest.  Teams which quality for the final round of 25 will get a support grant of Rs. 5000 per team subject to production of bills towards purchase of components and materials for the contest.
  6. The decision of the jury members will be final.  The Jury members will be selected from Industry and Academia.
  7. There will be cash prizes for the Winning Teams which will be announced in due course.
  8. ACCS holds all the rights of the knowledge and information generated as part of the contest.
  9. All communications will be through portal.  Pl keep watching the portal for updates.

Have great Fun in building your innovative solutions. Look forward to seeing at ADCOM 2016