Tutorials at ADCOM 2022


Practical deep learning and machine learning with Tensorflow and Keras.


Will cover the basics of machine learning from the ground up: Linear Regression; Logistic Regression, deep neural network models like feed forward neual networks, convolutional neural networks and transformer models. Each of these models will be covered with hands on colab notebook developed in tensor flow and keras. Will also cover the mathematical basis of each of these techniques.

Note: Participants should bring a notebook, pencil and laptop. Be assured that you will have a lot of fun and learnings from this workshop.


Dr. Ashish Tendulkar

Dr. Ashish Tendulkar, ML Specialist @Google

An experienced AI/ML professional with specialization in deep learning and natural language processing, through 18 years of experience on AI and machine learning. This includes 11 years of post-PhD experience in multiple domains, including fintech, fashion, online media and advertising, oil and gas, manufacturing, IT systems, healthcare and messaging.

Been a trusted machine learning advisor for start ups in diverse areas including fashion, fintech, agritech, healthcare, smart messaging, autonomous IT systems, HR and retail.

One of the nine recipients of Innovative Young Biotechnologist award from Department of Biotechnology of Govt. of India in 2009.

Worked as an assistant professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras. Dr.Tendulkar is PhD and Masters from IIT Bombay and B.Tech from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Maharashtra.

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ChatBots 101 – Imbibing Intelligence into Internet Interactions


How computers view languages. Brief overview of the developments in this area. How chatbots including ChatGPT work.Some ideas on how students and professionals can use ChatGPT to enhance their productivity without outsourcing their creativity.


Dr. Uma Ranjan

Dr. Uma Ranjan, International School of Engineering (INSOFE)

A Computer Vision and Signal Processing Researcher based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

With active areas of interest including Healthcare, Automotive and Transportation, Dr. Uma Ranjan is faculty at International School of Engineering (INSOFE), adjunct faculty at Case Western Reserve University, Co-Founder of Clisonic. a venture focused on the effect of sound in clinical applications.

Dr. Uma Ranjan’s earlier affiliations include: CTO, Lab to Market Innovations Pvt. Ltd; Associate Professor, Center for Brain Research, IISc.; Principal Scientist, Philips Healthcare; Staff Engineer, Infineon India; and Senior Scientist at Mercedes-Benz R&D India Dr. Uma Ranjan is MSc. & PhD in image processing from IISc. Bangalore, B.E from Thiagarajan College of Engineering, Madurai. Tamil Nadu

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