ADCOM 2015 Programme

18th September 2015 – Pre-Conference Tutorials
Track 1 (IC & SR Building) Track 2 (Department of Computer Science Hall CS25)
09:30 AM Tutorial A: Cryptography for the Connected World ARM DESIGN CONTEST
02:00 PM Tutorial B: IoT Technologies 101 – The DNA for Smart Cities
19th September 2015 – Inaugural Day
Time Programme
08:30 AM Registration
09:30 AM Inaugural Event Welcome Address Dr. V. Kamakoti, IITM, Conference Chair
Conference OverviewS. Srinidhi, ACCSInaugural addressSh. T. K. Ramachandran, IAS – Principal Secretary, IT[Government of Tamilnadu]

Prof. S. Sadagopan, Director IIITB confers the ACCS-CDAC Foundation Award for 2015

10:30 AM Tea Break
10:45 AM ACCS-CDAC Foundation Lecture  Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IITM
11:30 AM IEEE CS Keynote  –  Dr. Raj Jain, Professor of Computer and Information Science at Washington University in St. Louis Smart Cities: Technological Challenges and Issues
12:15 PM Invited Talk –  T. V.  Ravichandran, Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI
01:00 PM Lunch
02:00 PM Keynote –  Dr. Jabez Dhinagar, VP (Advanced Engineering Group), TVS Motors Future Mobility for 2W and 3W Industry in India and its Challenges
02:45 PM Keynote –Dr. Balamuralidhar P, Principal Scientist & Head TCS Innovation Labs, Bangalore
03:30 PM Tea Break
03:45 PM Track 1 – Technical Paper Session Track 2 – PhD Forum
Service Chaining for NFV and Delivery of other Applications in a Global Multi-Cloud Environment – Subharthi Paul, Raj Jain, Mohammed Samaka, Aiman Erbad Investigations on the Performance Metrics of Wireless Communications using Software Defined Radio – B. Siva Kumar Reddy and Dr. B. Lakshmi
Control of a class of Inverted pendulum systems with time delay by using Meta- Heuristic Methods & Fuzzy Granular Computing Techniques – Kavirayani Srikanth, G V Nagesh Kumar
Zygote: A Framework for Prototyping Smart Devices – Deepak Karki, Aishwarya Kaliki and Ram Rustagi Novel approaches to improve software quality and for the curtailment of overall software development cost – Naresh. E and Vijaya Kumar B. P
Information Diffusion Modelling to Counter Semantic Attacks in Online Social Networks – KP Krishna Kumar and G Geethakumari
Hardware-Directed Feature Detection for Video Stitching in Intelligent Transportation – Yashrajsinh Parmar, Sree Kalyan, Chandrasekhar M and Sridharan K. Enhancing Performance of MapReduce Framework in Heterogeneous Environments – Nenavath Srinivas Naik, Atul Negi and V. N. Sastry
Design and Analysis of Hybrid Protocol for Location Privacy in Trusted Environment – B.N. Jagdale and Dr. J.W. Bakal
Cognitive Sensing in Smart City through Photonics – Bhawani Shankar Leelar, E. S. Shivaleela and Talabattula Srinivas Uncertain Rule-based Fuzzy Logic QoS Trust Model in MANETs – Nageswara Rao Sirisala and C.Shoba Bindu
Informed Network Based Load Distribution in a Homogenous Private Cloud – J.SRINIVAS.
Evaluation of TCP performance using NDG loss predictor in wireless networks – N.G Goudru and B.P Vijayakumar Design and Verfication of Cyber Physical Systems with Heterogeneous Components – Sreram Balasubramaniyan & Seshadhri Srinivasan
Activity recognition for smart environments – K.S.Gayathri & Susan Elias
Track 1 Track 2
05:00 PM KeynoteSanjay Sahay, IPS – ADGP Karnataka Police
Challenges in Cyber Security and Smart Policing Product Launch – Cyber Space Vulnerability Assessment System
Suriya Prakash
Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation
TCS Research Cafe
07:00 PM Classical Evening /Conference Dinner AMALGAM presents a fusion music band consisting of young upcoming musicians. Shyam Ravishankar on the Electric Violin, Surya Kamal on the Keyboard, Akshay Ram on the Mrudangam and Akshay Ganesh will be on the drums. The band will also feature a guest performance by Dr. V. Kamakoti of IIT Madras on the Electric Violin.
20th September 2015 – Conference Day 2
Time Programme
09:30 AM Keynote –  Balaraman Ravindran, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
10:10 AM Keynote –  Prashant Viswanathan, Group Engineering Manager, Smart Homes and IOT, Samsung Electronics
10:50 AM Tea Break
11:10 AM Keynote –  Aneta Vulgarakis, Senior Researcher, Ericsson Research, Sweden. 5G Network management of Intelligent Transport Systems
11:50 AM Keynote –  Anurag Mittal, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras Crowd Sensing and Crowd Control Techniques
12:30 PM Keynote  Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, Global Head – Digital Enterprise Services at Tech Mahindra Challenges for IoT Growth In India
01:10 PM Lunch
02:00 PM Track 1 – Technical Paper Session Track 2 – PhD Forum
Smart Renewable Energy Micro grids for rural and urban Indian scenarios – Akshay Deshpande, Kaustubh Karnataki, Kavya Darshana, Mitavachan Hiremath, Ganesh Shankar Design and Development of a System for Traffic Density State Estimation using Acoustic Signal and its Applications in Intelligent Transport System – Prashant Borkar and Dr. M. V. Sarode
An Efficient Color DNA Barcode Identification using Image Processing Techniques – R.Anitha, S.Jyothi and P.RameshBabu
Enabling seamless video processing in smart surveillance cameras with multicore – Sudha Natarajan Investigation for Efficient Fractal Antenna Arrays with Novel Design Methodology and Fractal Excitations – V.A.Sankar Ponnapalli,P.V.Y.Jayasree
A Hybrid Fractal and Binary Plane Image Compression – Mohammed Ismail.B, Dr. S.Mahaboob Basha and Dr. B. Eswara Reddy
Surveillance Drone for Landmine Detection – Yuvaraj Ganesh, Dr Rajeshwari Hegde and Ramya Raju. Designing Shared Aperture Antenna Beam forming unit for Radar Applications – Venkata Kishore K & Dr.Vijay Kumar
Design and Implementation of advanced neuroimaging techniques – Mrs.Mamata, Sachin Kalas & Dr. B. F. Momin
PiCam: IoT based Wireless Alert System for Deaf and Hard of Hearing – Pushpanjali Kumari, Pratibha Goel and Dr SRN Reddy. Reliability Analysis of Missile components by Using Monte Carlo Simulation – M. Bhaskar,K .V. B. V. Rayudu, V. Sankar
Estimation of Missile System Storage Reliability – C. Kathyaini, K.V.B.V Rayudu, B. Sarvesh
Token based Privacy Preserving Access Control in Wireless Sensor Networks – Tanuja R, Shruthi Y R, Manjula S H, Venugopal K R and Patnaik L M Quantification of Reliability and Failure Analysis of a Presenter in an ATM Dispenser – M. Silpasree, V. Phani Kumar, V. Sankar
Reliability Prediction of Weapon Systems – Sucharitha P1, Vijaya Lakshmi T2, Sujatha P3
04:00 PM Tea Break
04:20 PM KeynoteProf. K. Ganapathy, President, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation and Director, Apollo Tele Health Services Smart Health Care
05:00 PM Just for Zest
06:15 PM Valedictory Announcements/Awards
06:30 PM Close